Everyone needs a day off at some point and while most of us love to have this time to ourselves, others (like Bob) are workaholics who desperately try to find a way to occupy time. “Roamin’ Bob-iday” takes us through Bob’s forced day off as a result of his inevitable burnout from overworking and how the rest of the family manages to hold down the restaurant.

Bobs Burgers (Roamin Bob-iday 3)

Photo Source: FOX – Bob’s Burgers

First off, we felt this episode was lacking in few ways and was overall a hit and miss in terms of potential. Keep in mind we say this for a reason as a lot was building up to this story after nine seasons of Bob’s attention/ life being focused on work. In the beginning, Bob followed his landlord around and got his perceptive on the topic but eventually meet a new character, Patricia.

After some time together, Bob falls into his old habit of working and manages to convince Patricia to let him assist. As the two work continuously together, staying focused on the work and not the environment/ situation surrounding them, the two soon see what neglecting everything but work brings to the table. Patricia had set up for a date but instead choose to take on a big catering order which resulted in him leaving. Bob then realizes that one can have a passion but when you let it take over your life then your left with nothing but work (which is not a good thing). “Bob’s Burgers” is known for its reliability and the story of these two probably hits close to home for a lot of entrepreneurs whom need to put so much effort into their livelihood less they lose everything.

Bobs Burgers (Roamin Bob-iday 1)

Photo Source: FOX – Bob’s Burgers

On the other side of the plot, Linda works with the kids to throw a biker gang baby shower. Many felt this was a recycled version of Mudflap’s/ Sidecar’s introduction but it is worth noting that there were enough differences that made it feel more wholesome. Goldie, the mother to be, was very emotional and distraught over the stress of her impending motherhood. The characters in this segment spent the majority of their time (which genuinely felt like filler) dealing with a woman in labor not ready for the challenges of having a baby. Side note, we are not well versed on baby shower traditions but we question why their event was held so late in the pregnancy to the point she was in labor at the event (maybe potential for future episodes).

Despite the overall vibe of the episode feeling flat and somewhat lack luster, there were small details that still made it a pleasant watch. Even though they weren’t the best in the shows history, audiences can also enjoy musical numbers placed in the episode. There were a decent number of new characters introduced in this installment as well so hopefully they will have more roles to play in the future with their own unique characters. Bringing back Patricia would especially be nice as she is a great contrast to Bob.

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