Manny and Patience

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We open to Kai healing a man. Kai seems to be the real deal in miracle healing. The man is next in his hotel room and is pushed into the tub and held underwater by a force we cannot see. Manny lives across the street from the hotel and saw what was happening. He ran into the hotel to save the man but was unfortunately too late.

Manny says he will find a way to send off the ghost. He comes to find out there are two ghosts. One that doesn’t harm people and then one that does. They are husband and wife. I will let you guess who is the harming one. He misses Creek fiercely and is planning to go visit her soon. He hasn’t given up on their love.

Olivia and Lem are having problems too. Olivia is having a hard time adjusting to having a psychic connection to Lem. He can now anticipate her every need and feel her every emotion. It’s causing them to have problems with space. When Lem tried to help Olivia, a woman saw that Lem is a vampire. She poisoned him with silver and made him turn her. In trying to help Olivia a man dies. What will happen to them? Will Lem learn to stand back and let Olivia handle herself? Will Olivia learn to accept help?

Fiji and Bobo are having major supernatural problems. Every time they get close something tries to harm. Fiji first believes it to be Colcannar but figures out it isn’t him. So what is going on?

Lem and Olivia

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     Joe is avoiding a guy named Walker. He also got a knife out from the pawn shop. It looks really special. It has marking on it and the Damascus design is very, very pretty. What is the significance of the knife? Who is this mysterious Walker?

     Kai continues to surprise and amaze. He seems to be hiding some serious secret. They may be deadly. He can walk on water and help a paralyzed man walk again. What else can he heal? And just how much does Patience know about what her husband does?

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