The Walking Dead has taken a shift in it’s values, the show has changed after Rick’s departure. I have to say I am enjoying the Whisperers story, however I do miss not having him around. But Daryl has taken point very well, but I just feel it’s in a way funny how he was so upset about Rick’s decision makings sometimes, but yet he is experiencing some of the burden of that and is and I’m sure will see how hard that can be.

Take for instance where we left off, with him, Lydia, Henry and Connie escaping the Whisperers. He is mad that Lydia didn’t tell him all the facts, but he would know he wouldn’t do that either if he was in that situation. However, and maybe because he didn’t have a choice, I’m glad to see he easily let someone else take point and follow, which turned out to be a great thing, and also showed how strong Connie is. In the woods Daryl wanted to go one way Connie insisted on going the other, turns out she knew the area and knew a building near. She said that they should go up, creating a choke point, because the walkers can’t navigate the stairs, so it effectively separates the living from the dead. Lydia was afraid they would be trapped, which they would be, but sometimes you have to take a stand and fight. Daryl saw what Connie was talking about and loved the idea and ran with it, turns out Connie and her team stayed there before, she had a secret stash of supplies and had a map of the layout of the building which helped, and the exits were already barricaded. Daryl wants to take out Beta because he is the best and this is the way to do it.

Elsewhere, the Kingdom sure has been taking some hits and another one came their way, Jerry was jumped out in the field, he lost his big kick ass sword. The attackers gave him a note to bring back, it essentially said that they are the Highway Men and they own the roads leading into Kingdom, and if people want to go to the Fair they have to pay the toll. Speculation is that it was Jerry’s group, Carol says for sure it is not Jerry’s group and Ezekiel says they don’t even have the rations needed to pay the toll if they wanted to. They decide to take all willing and able soldiers to the meet point. The outside of the meetup has some soldiers with guns, inside it’s dark, full of mannequins, really weird honestly. The leader has a country western accent, says it was just to be the king. He has his moment and spiel, until the others come and put an arrow right in a mannequin head to show they mean business. Ezekiel tries to offer them a job, safe passage into the fair if they keep the roads clear. Ezekiel is laughed off so hard, until Carol asks how long since they saw a movie, and that seemed to be the topping they needed.


Did someone need saving? Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

The Hilltop gang is heading to the fair, the path is blocked by down trees and car, it takes them sometime to clear the road, walkers hear and finally approach, it’s a pretty lengthy fight until the horseback Highway Men come to help save the day at the end, minus Jerry’s sword which they gave back, to help escort them safely to the fair. Upon reaching the Kingdom, Tara is shocked that they beat Henry and Daryl and understandably the Carol, Ezekiel and the others are visibly concerned.

Lastly at the building the plan worked, Beta knew it was a trap but had to go inside anyways to try to get Lydia back. A lot of things going on, Lydia and dog were hidden in a closet because she wouldn’t fight or kill. Connie uses her heightened other senses to get out of a situation she probably shouldn’t have. Whisperers came up from behind but crossed a ray of light throwing a knife at her and she was able to duck and kill the attacker. Lydia heard all the fighting and Dog was getting pissed so Lydia worked to let herself out. Henry ends up getting stabbed in the melee but dog makes the save. Daryl takes out one and ends up in a huge knock down drag out fight with Beta. Beta is considerably larger and kicking Daryl’s ass, Daryl is able to stab Beta with a small knife which really does nothing, but he is finally able to use Connie’s stash as a hiding spot to lure Beta in a room, Beta things he has Daryl dead to rights but it’s an open elevator shaft and Daryl slams Beta right in. Beta crashes hard, but that tank is still alive, pissed off down an elevator shaft. This battle is far from over.


Beta is looking for revenge. Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC