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Fresh Off the Boat Season 4’s “Liar, Liar” is all Hooters and Teen Angst

Things between Nikole and Jackie finally progress in this episode, but Eddie awkwardly third-wheels all of their interactions. This storyline falls victim to the recurring season 4 issue that Eddie’s storylines have too much teen angst and are uncomfortable to watch. The writers dont nail him down like they do their other charavters, and it is like his life is its own seperate show that should be on Disney or Teen Nick.

Fresh Off the Boat – ABC

Jackie ends up crapping on Jim Carey and starts a feud with Eddie that causes Nikole to take sides and lie to impress her crush. She keeps doing this and not being herself until it is no longer sustainable and she tells Jackie ths truth and things come to an end for the shows inpressive LGBT storyline.  Ideally we will continue to see Nikole grow as a person and find herself, but we really hope Eddie catches up. 

Fresh Off the Boat – ABC

Marvin is away on business most of the episode, leaving Honey to the hands of Evan and Emery who attempt helping her adapt to her new baby body and simplify her look when her lengthening beauty routine thwarts their group plans once again. The duo leads her down an odd path through manipulating get with Princess Diana comparisons (a nice callback to Honey mourning her death esrlier this season) and they end up conpronising but helping her in the long run.

Frsh Off the Boat – ABC

Louis joins a bowling league when Matthew (his coworker/Kenny Chesney’s lackey) starts to get friendly with him. After an intensely awkward meet and greet things turn-up back at the Huang house when the men are wasted and Louis finds pizza rolls.

The next morning Jessica wakes him up in her own way (pelting him woth peanuts) and cautions him about his habit of overextending himself when ye has a new group of friends. She doesn’t believe him. When he says he is going with the guys to Hooters to hang out and relax, she thinks he will be doing errands and chores for his new friends.

Fresh Off the Boat – ABC

She goes to Hooters to prove he’s not there, and is proud to be wrong and tells him to have fun — proving Jessica truly is the best wife, and also always right, because the second they leave Hooters he just has to help a friend fix their car and starts volunteering to help everyone and spreads himself too thin and ends up slipping a disc, as predicted.

Though he tries to hide it, Jessica knows and catches him with science fair glitter on his clothes and basically imobile (the “walk to me” scene is hilarious but the muffin nickname seemed extrmeely abnormal and like Jessica may be high, but i digress). He ends up remembering he forgot to pick up Marvin from the airport. Jessica and Marvin help Louis analyze his issue on the drive home and in the end he doesn’t help Matthew repaint and realizes they’re still friends and receives his bowling nickname: Dogwood.

Fresh Off the Boat – ABC

Best moment is a tie between the Jessica lines “Bowling is just golf for people who like germs”/”people hide needles in the finger holes with little notes saying “Congrats now you have hep C” and her making fun of Honey’s hideous new dress.

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