On the previous episode of ‘You’ we kinda got a glimpse of a “Fairy-tale” when Joe reclaimed his “babe”. On this episode we got to see the couple back in their happy place with each other, but Joe was disturbed by a nightmare of Candace. It’s very strange how Joe gets hallucinations of Candace when he is dating Beck, but when he was with Karen it didn’t occur.  Maybe it’s because Candace and Beck aren’t so different. Joe could’ve seen something in Beck that he also once saw in Candace that’s makes him go crazy for her. Joe woke up screaming Candace’s name which made Beck worried and also caused her to feel insecure about her relationship with Joe. During breakfast Beck interrogated him about Candace to ensure that he didn’t still have any feelings for her. You could tell that she worried about asking Joe about her. As we know Joe doesn’t talk much about his feelings to Beck because he is always trying to play superhero and makes it seem like he doesn’t need help with his own personal issues. I thought it was great that he made an appointment to see Dr. Nicky about his dreams so that Beck wouldn’t hear him scream another woman’s name in the middle of the night, but at the same time she wouldn’t have to worry about that issue, if they would’ve just let each other go as Dr. Nicky advised them to. I thought It was pointless of them to attend therapy if they weren’t going to take the steps to have a better life.

Dr. Nicky advised Joe to face Candace. In his nightmares he could see Candace making out with another man, but he is out of reach. When the two separated, their wasn’t any closure which made it harder for Joe to forget about her.  This showed me that sometimes small things can hinder you from moving on. When someone breaks your heart and you didn’t handle it in a healthy way  or fully let go, you can bring previous pain into a new relationship. Joe savors memories into a locket in his brain. Candace keeps reoccurring because he didn’t let go of all the memories they’ve shared. He was tempted to get Beck back because of the memories that replayed in his head when he saw her again. Even though Candice is his past and Beck is his present, I don’t think he will be able to move on until he actually talks to Candace about there breakup instead of chasing her when she didn’t want him anymore. We saw how Joe’s way of loving someone could lead him to pushing them away no matter how much he intends to make someone happy.

Although, Joe shows his love for Beck, she still got jealous which was surprising to me because it was allegedly said that Candace ran off to Italy. Beck’s jealousy formed when she realized that Candace had a huge affect on Joe without even knowing the full story which made her measure herself to a woman who has caused him trauma. Beck’s friends ensured her that she was just trying something wrong with Joe (there are a lot of things wrong with Joe). It’s more than that though, I think Beck feels like she doesn’t deserve anyone good for her which explains why she dated men like Benji, but that also stems from her abandonment issues. Beck had always lacked a sense of security so it was very abnormal that someone could possibly love her for the mess that she is. I personally don’t think she’s a mess, I just think she is use to pain. When you’re use to pain, you don’t always look for someone to love. You look for disappointment. That is what Beck looked for in Joe, but what she didn’t know was that all along Joe was nothing, but a huge disappointment.

Beck wanted to know the full story about Candace so she went to investigate her social media and anyone that was possibly close to her. She tried her best to pry some information out of Ethan, but he insisted that she should leave it alone. Leaving it alone was out of the question, so she dug even deeper into his past by getting information from a former friend of Candace. It was said that the relationship didn’t work out because she cheated on Joe, but she didn’t believe it. Little did she know that Joe suffered so much from the relationship that he relived the pain by being with Beck. While Beck continued to investigate Candace, Joe burnt memories of her starting from the day that they met to the day that she left. The suspicion drove Beck crazy and eventually lead her to unleash a series of questions to Joe. His charm was able to sooth her insecurity by showing Beck that Candace was still alive and living well without him. Apparently Beck wasn’t convinced that Candace moved to Italy, so Joe had to show her that she changed her name. He even introduced Beck to Mr. Mooney, the bookstore owner and man that took him in when his parents didn’t want him. This was enough to show Beck that she didn’t have anything to worry about, but Joe did.

Joe started noticing that Beck began to replicate the same suspicious actions that Candace did when they were together, starting with her phone. It turned out that Joe let his wall down for Beck, only to get stabbed again. Letting Dr. Nicky go was a mistake. Joe assaulted him and found message, pictures, and call logs between him and Beck. I thought that Joe was going to kill him for having relations with his woman, but he knew that it was Beck who consented to it. During this part of the episode I really got upset because it didn’t make sense for Beck to interfere with Joe’s and Karen’s relationship if she wanted to be with her therapist. Plus, she didn’t just sleep with him, they have photo’s together in bed, and she lied to Joe. I was surprised that Joe never caught her after all of the stalking he has done to her. It was more upsetting because she manipulated Joe into trusting her when she was sneaking around and broke up with him because he didn’t trust her. Beck even tried to play innocent when she was confronted about the affair. Her excuse was “But, now it’s over”. If it was me I would’ve slapped her, but Joe actually forgave her. I believe that there is something in Beck that Joe once saw in Candace that makes him crazy for her.

When they finally moved pass all of the hurt they caused each other, the bomb finally dropped! Paco returned a book to Joe and accidentally gave away their secret hiding spot to Beck. As happy as she was knowing that Joe forgave her for being dirty she was still curious about what Joe could possibly hide in the ceiling. Excitement grew in her eyes, but disappointment lied in the box. This was one of the moments that I questioned Joe’s intelligence again. How can someone so smart, be so stupid? In the box he had so much evidence of the fallen victims of this season. It was very sickening for Beck to watch, but what was even more sickening is when she accidentally dropped the glass jar of Benji’s decayed teeth. She tried her best to act as if she didn’t see anything, but Joe uncovered the mess she made in the bathroom. Joe made sure he didn’t make the same mistake he did last time by letting her slip through his fingers. Instead he knocked the hell out of Beck and put her in the book cage.

This episode had me on my toes for different plot twist, but I wasn’t expecting it to end like this so quickly. I was relieved that the show finally highlighted the root of Joe’s twisted mind. The bottom line of it all is that Candace destroyed Joe, Joe’s Parent’s destroyed Joe, Mr. Mooney destroyed Joe, and Beck destroyed Joe. I think it’s crazy how neither Joe or Beck know what they want. When Joe did have someone to love him as equally as he loved, he didn’t want it. When Beck got her freedom to spread her wings and make something of her career, she didn’t want it. Now we’re here in the season because they’re both damaged lovers who don’t know how to fill the holes in their life. I was expecting for Joe to kill Dr. Nicky since he took out everyone else who tried to come in between him and Beck so it was surprising that he just walked away. If only he would’ve just stopped trying to keep Beck all to himself, he wouldn’t have to manage three social media profiles, stalk his woman, and keep track of text messages from another phone. Joe’s relationship with Beck has been nothing but a full-time job. I’m super curious to see how long will it be before he gets caught. I want to know if he will let Beck out of the cage since he forgave her for cheating on him. The last thing I want to know is, what really happened to Candace because I don’t believe the stories. I do suspect that she is not in Italy or at least alive in Italy. Hopefully next episode Joe hasn’t went Super Saiyan on Beck, but we will have to find out! Till next episode.