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The Resident Season 2 Episode 14 Review

With Love in the air, Nic and Conrad plan a nice night out, while Mina avoids Micah's requests for a date.

Hello, and welcome back to The Resident. Sorry about the delay, broke my lap top and now writing from my phone. Very different. Enough about me, let’s dive right into the newest episode of The Resident!

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It’s a bit delayed, but in this episode, we explore the love that surrounds Valentine’s Day, mainly our little love birds Conrad and Nic. Conrad made reservations to Juniper’s Zest, a place Nic seems interested in going. Jessie is back in rehab. Conrad meets Andre and Otto while doing their rounds, a cute couple just trying to enjoy their last years together. Otto comes back with low sodium and signs of anemia, but Conrad wants to keep him and check liver functions. After a bit, Conrad is paged back, Otto is coughing blood and his lung is hemorrhaging. Nic calls, explains she has to stay at the Rehab thing overnight, and will miss their date. Conrad is cool, explaining it is a day on the calendar. Otto has Polyarteritis Nodosa, which is an autoimmune disorder. Treatable, and once under control, he should be fine. Andre doesn’t take the news well. He explains Otto keeps talking about visiting places they never went, and Andre is worried it is his drinking. Conrad points out his blood work came back clean- no alcohol in his system. It seems he developed dementia from the alcohol abuse years prior. There is no treatment, no medicine. Confabulation. Andre decides to show some images to Otto, and lie about the places they went. His memories might be jumbled but his love for Andre is real. Conrad decides to give the reservations up, and visit Nic, having a date in the parking lot.

My man Irving is just awkward as always. Jessica flirts with him, in which case he runs away. Odd, I actually think they make a cute couple. Seems they are doing just fine, as Jessica corners him. Irving admits he thinks it is complicated to have a relationship at work. Jess asks if he is ashamed of her. Now this has me torn. It sucks if Irving really is ashamed to be seen with Jess, but I don’t think that is it. I think he really loves her, but loves his job more. My husband and I have worked together for 7 years, 2 or 3 of them with him my superior. He is my boss at work. Heck, 3 years ago we opened a store together in late January and mid March took a weekend to go get married. Half the staff found out we were together because of the wedding photos. I am the first to say relationships at work should never happen. Few people put their jobs before their relationship. Irving decides to take Jess on a date in the elevator, and will tell everyone. 

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Devon is still close to Mina, after she let him crash at her place after breaking off the wedding. Micah is also back, glad his heart is just fine. Mina is not big into corporate holidays, but Devon encourages her to let Micah take her out, one time. On the way out, Mina and Devon pass a neighbor, Gertie. Imagine their shock an hour later, her admitted with Dead on Arrival. They call her family, and the niece arrived. When they share the news of her passing, the niece reacts rudely, asking what to do. How long until the insurance money kicks in. Of course they are suspicious of her behavior. But still, it reminds Mina life is too short, and decides to go out that night with Micah. She talks Gertie’s niece into donating the body to science, and Dr. Austin into doing an autopsy.  They quickly rule out atherosclerosis, which is what they were going to put on the death certificate. This of course draws AJ in. He loves a challenge. They find a ruptured aneurysm in the brain, but they don’t often happen without another factor. They find cysts in her kidneys. Polycystic kidney disorder. This clears the niece of any suspicious behavior, but as it is genetic, the team now worries she might have the condition. Luckily, they catch 2 aneurysms, both of which were caught early enough. Micah and Mina go to Juniper’s Zest, using Nic and Conrad’s reservations. Micah is sweaty, and Mina starts panicking, until he pulls out a ring.

Outside of the romance, Devon calls the number again, and reaches FDA Agent Mark Truscott. I mean I thought Julian called the FDA hotline number, not a personal line, but for story purposes makes sense, I guess. Devon talked to Mark, who told Devon she was seeking advice, wanting to change careers. I am sure Mark is going to call Gordon Page next, telling him someone is still snooping for Julian. 

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It was, 100%, a filler episode, but you got to see a lot of character development. Heck, as Dr. Bell and Dr. Voss flirting was adorable to watch. I really hope at one point they both do go on a date together. I think they would be good for each other. I actually enjoyed seeing the serious growth and new story lines that can develop from this episode, but for now, Stay Shiny!

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