Well we are here and might I say, it’s been quite a journey.

As this series closes I thought we’d see some light at the end of the tunnel but all we do is go deeper and deeper into the darkness and I am excited to see what this plot holds for the future. As season 1 comes to its end it attempts to tie up the plot by untying the loops in time that we have come to think we understand…Almost. 

We see this first with Helge who, in his elderly form travels back to 1986 in an attempt to stop his younger self from helping Noah any further, realising all these years later the truth behind his malicious actions. He does this first through a warning his younger self and secondly by attempting to run him over with a car in similar fashion to Ulrich’s approach ~ After all he’s had to face Helge should really be called The Hulk if you ask me.

But of course, the elderly Helge was destined to fail as we already knew of an accident Helge miraculously survived in his past from Charlotte in her questioning of his attachment to the cabin and bunker.


Source: Netflix DARK

Meanwhile, Jonas goes back on his decision to place his trust in fate and travels back to 1986 in another attempt to rescue his father from the past and prevent his suicide. But in doing so he is essentially committing a suicide of his own. By saving Mikkel he knows it will erase his own existence, yet he goes into it wholeheartedly, says goodbye to his friends and family, stops taking his medication and stares deeply at the place his father ended his own life as if the past is in his hands. And it is, but more than that, so is the future and the present as these sequence of events all seemingly unfolded from the disappearance of one missing boy, Mikkel. 

And in case we may not have realised Jonas’s importance just yet we finally realise a truth that  we have long suspected: the mysterious peeping-Tom stranger that seems to follow Jonas like a lost lamb IS in fact Jonas himself at an older age, travelling through time to guide him towards what is written to happen. This made perfect sense when watching it but it is such a trippy thought! To think, your future self, who has already been through all of these events is reliving them from a different point of view to make sure that you are following what is meant to happen. This includes a kidnapping by Noah and Helge, although older Jonas is able to help he ultimately doesn’t because he knows that these events need to happen in order for Jonas to become the man he is meant to be. He does this because he believes that through his actions as a man he will acquire the completed time machine of H.G. Tannhaus and use it to lose the time wormhole underneath Winden. He didn’t foresee, however, that these very actions are actually what started it all in the first place as we learn that the device’s detonation will in fact create the wormhole and not close it. Ironically so just after a speech he gave Jonas in the illusion of free will:

    “We’re not free in what we do, because we’re not free in what we want. We can’t overcome what’s deep within us.” he says. So, no matter how much the characters believe that they can erase the past or change things, all they end up doing is what they are supposed to.


Source: Netflix DARK

And finally DARK amps up the sci-fi with the use of some well anticipated CGI which it really held back on until the right moment – a great choice on their part. As Jonas opens the wormhole a tear in the fragile fabric of reality forms and the timelines align, creating a portal through which the young Jonas, locked by Noah in 1986, and the young Helge, locked by Ulrich in that same bunker in 1953, reach out and touch each other all while a black hole forms in the sky of Winden, both terrifying and confusing it’s characters, locking them in the inescapable and seemingly immortal loop of misery that Winden brings. 

I would say that DARK as a series has been a pleasure to watch… but it really hasn’t. Between adultery, incest, loss and the bashing-in of a kids skull it really has been an intense ride. I think this is what truly separates  DARK from a lot of other pieces in the time-travelling genre – it’s grit! Each aspect of Winden is planned, calculated and holds significance; each character is real, flawed, desperate and it all adds up to make an incredibly complex, intertwining story that moulds together into one, ending where it all began and for this reason, I can’t wait to see what the future of this series holds.

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