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Episode Synopsis:

Aleida seizes a business opportunity. An anonymous tip sends Caputo on a stakeout. Luschek tries to help Gloria, who worries she’s in danger.


Drug Smuggler- The drug storyline, finally got good, and it was all thanks to Aleida. We saw that she was smuggling the drugs in, using the protein powder containers, that her boyfriend would bring into Max, and I was impressed. Of course, towards the end of the episode, Aleida’s boyfriend discovers the drugs, and I’m wondering now, if he’s going to rat her out or keep it to himself. That would definitely suck for Aleida, because she would be going right back to jail. And I wonder what’s going to happen to Daya, now that there might not be anymore drugs coming in. It would be back to square one for Daddy, and I’m sure she wouldn’t be happy about that.

Kickball- Kickball was almost in full effect, with C block practicing hard to beat out D block. And there were a few new outcomes to Piper’s constant push for people to join. Suzanne and Doggett made an appearance, and Piper saw that there was actually a kickball field for the girls to play on. This leads to the showdown between the rivaling blocks. And behind the scenes, we see that the guards are starting to cheer up too, because since the two blocks are going to be competing against each other, there’s going to be brawls and endless amounts of chaos to drive up scores for Fantasy Inmate. I’m pretty sure none of this is going to end well, because when D block came out towards the end of the episode, even Madison lost hope.

Carol & Barb- We finally flashbacks about how the two sisters ended up in jail, and it was a doozy. I think since they were in high school at the time, hormones were raging and tempers were flaring. I really didn’t think it was necessary for them to kill their sister, just because their family had to move because of her gymnastics lessons, but they both are psycho after all. It definitely seemed like an over reaction from the both of them, and I was more mad at their dad, for practically abusing Barb. I actually felt bad for their sister, because she had confessed that she didn’t want to move either, but either way, Carol and Barb wanted to kill her.

Luschek & Gloria- These two are still in a weird flirty phase, but weirdly, it’s nice to see Luschek care about something. He wants the best for his dance class, and in some way, he’d sacrifice some things to make sure Gloria is safe, so that she could lead the class again. I hope he sticks to his word, because it could end badly for the both of them, if Madison knew what was going on. Also, I hope nothing bad happens to Gloria, now that she got transferred to D block. She has Daya, but it’s not like she’s in the best state.

Caputo- I think at this point, Caputo is in a strange kind of limbo, because he doesn’t have a job anymore, but he’s still trying to help Taystee with her case. I liked that Cindy called him to tell him the truth, and it was awesome of him, to try to get some answers, but I was crushed when he ended up with nothing. Also, go Figuroa, for helping her man out, even though she still works for Litchfield.

Suzanne & Frieda- We didn’t get to see a lot of screen time between Suzanne and Frieda, but I don’t know what to make of their friendship. There’s definitely tension at times, but it was nice of Suzanne to offer to help out Frieda with Carol and Barb. She realizes now, that they’re after Frieda, so she was willing to help be her friends eyes to what’s going on outside.