Hello, and welcome back to The Good Doctor. I am sorry about the delay, broke my laptop, it is still in the shop. Let us dive right into the show!
Dr. Andrews names Dr. Han the new Head of Surgery, but the man doesn’t show up for his welcome brunch, throwing Andrews off his game. Meanwhile, Dr. Lim has a patient, a baby born with bowel protrusion and has a heart problem. She notes the septum looks more like Swiss cheese. Dr. Han decides to scrub in, after watching the team for a bit. Dr. Murphy seems thrown off by Dr. Han playing music during surgery. He quizzes both Claire and Shaun, but even Claire is uncertain. The family find Shaun, and ask how Percy, the baby, is doing. The baby’s mother is worried her antidepressants caused the birth defects. Shaun answers like he always does-honestly. And honestly, a study did show the drug was tied to birth defects. 

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The team is researching different practices for treating all the birth defects Percy has when Dr. Han walks in. He is confused as to why Shaun was honest, and how the mother is devastated, blaming herself. Dr. Han realizes that Shaun is very medical focused. Claire tries to defend Shaun but Han points out she should focus on her own shortcomings. Lim talks with Han, pointing out Shaun is hardwired differently, but deserves to be here. Han looks forward to be proven wrong. Lim mentions to Shaun he shouldn’t talk that much around Han, but that blows up in her face when he has an idea, and asks permission to talk before sharing the idea. It is a good idea, and Han is impressed. Lim mentions right now, the baby could pass away quickly, but repair the heart, of the bowel surgery fails, would leave the child with not enough intestine to digest, and lead to starvation. The parents are torn apart, and the mother refuses to turn off the machine, while the father thinks it would be best. Because of the split, the choice will be a Judge’s. Han decides to go through the surgery. Han and Shaun work on the heart while Lim and Claire focus on removing a few layers of the abdomen wall to create more room for the bowels. They take her off life support, but realize the lungs are too weak to support her body functions. Han decides to talk to the parents, and Claire tags along. The mother is reluctant about letting Percy go, but then Claire does what she does best, and speaks openly. She points out letting Percy die isn’t giving up, it’s listening to the body. I think Han realizes the dynamic of the team better, and how they support and build each other up. They might not be perfect, but with Shaun and Claire, there in a balance between medical care and emotional care. As they take Percy off of cardiac support, Shaun does what he does, and mentions a check valve. By unfixing the heart, it would still work normally until the lung pressure got too much, releasing pressure backwards. Otherwise it would be normal. They attempt the surgery, and wheel Percy out to her parents. She will need surgery to correct the heart problem, but later, when her lungs are stronger. Outside, after shift, Han talks with Shaun, saying Shaun is an asset to the hospital, but Han wants to move him to Pathology. Han wants him to help patients without interacting with patients. Shaun declines, stating he is a surgical resident, but Han explains there is no decline- he takes it or leaves the hospital.

Dr. Melendez is taken off surgery by Han, and told to consult  Minesh Goyal. Melendez claims he doesn’t do preventative medicine, only surgery. Han points out the guy is a CEO, who help pay for poor patients. Melendez does as he is told, and runs Minesh through normal tests, explaining everything came back normal. Minesh explained his father was healthy too, until he dropped dead on his daily jog. I think that drew Melendez in, pushing him to try and test everything. Melendez bring Morgan and Park on the case, both of which are very thankful. When asked what the new Chief is like, Melendez says “He is direct, charming, very sure of himself, big ego…” the slow turn from the two residents had me laughing. Park notices a tumor on one of the tests.

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Melendez breaks the news to Minesh, saying they need to biopsy the tumor to know what exactly is going on. While prepping, Han walks in, and Morgan does what she does. Han responds with “I appreciate the thorough research you put into your sucking up” before walking over to Park. Melendez and Minesh sit and talk about options- they can do nothing and monitor it for changes, or a risky surgery that could leave him paralyzed or have fatal complications. Minesh wants stats, information. Melendez says there is an 80% chance the surgery would go off without incident, but a 5% chance the cell is malignant. Against Melendez and family’s advice, he wants to surgery. “Certainty comes with a price.” During surgery, Morgan mentions trying to get on the same surgical team as Han, and Park says she shouldn’t try so hard. Melendez finally gets to the tumor, but realizes the artery is in the way. When Minesh wakes up, Melendez is there, explaining they had to remove a nerve to his left foot to get the tumor. Minesh explains he doesn’t care about the biopsy. “Not like you can put the tumor back in.”

((Tall guy standing up, align left) Aaron goes in for treatment, and sits next to a young man named Larry Childs. They both have Glioma, but Larry has a weaken immune system. Aaron is being treated with Vincristine, a stronger chemo that might of compromised Larry’s health. He is on temozolomide. And then Aaron puts on headphones. After treatment, Larry pops up again, asking about who is part of Aaron’s cancer community. Aaron says by identifying himself with cancer it lets him dwell on that. Larry brings up they are in a daily battle for their lives. Why not have some company. Aaron talks with Shaun, who mentions how Han notices him because of the Autism. Aaron mentions after a while, he might not notice the autism, or forget, in which Shaun responds “Why? I have autism.” During his next treatment, Aaron talks to the patients, even joking with them.

The whole episode was a roller coaster of emotions. I love and hate this show as you can never really predict what will happen next. Since the beginning this show has left me guessing again and again. Even Han, you expect not to develop on the first episode but he does. And I hope he sticks around. Until next week. Stay Shiny!

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