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There’s an old saying by Dr. Maya Angelou summarized as such: “When people show you who they really are, believe them.”

And just like that, the ghost of Roller Husseris no more. Rolling up into Nail Artisans of Manatee County looking no worse for wear, Roller scares Desna and company half to death. For Desna and Virginia, Roller being alive and well brings a level of stress neither one of them is prepared to deal with. For Jenn, Polly and Quiet Ann, the dangers are less prescient but still there.

Photo Source: Courtesy of Turner Entertainment Networks, Inc.

With Bryce taking innovation to a new level and upping his game at the clinic, Uncle Daddy has seen his worth (and the clinic’s receipts) increase significantly. While the Hussers are all excited to see Roller at first, there is tension between the brothers due to Bruce’s Dixie Mafia successes. Roller is frustrated and lashes out at Bryce and Uncle Daddy in typical spoiled brat fashion. It’s only with Desna that he hides his true (reclaimed) personality.

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After a night of uncharacteristically gentle passion, Des is confused over the change in Roller. Dr. Ken’s theory that it is a form of amnesia doesn’t satisfy her curiosity and she delves deeper into Roller’s business dealings when she sees an ominous text from the Russian mob.

During an awkward morning goodbye with Roller, Bryce and Jenn and their girls, Desna’s (man)friend Dr. Ruval senses the history (Ha! They had sexy times the night before!) between Des and Roller. She reassures Gregory that Roller is the past and he is the present. Dr. Ruval looks skeptical but goes with the flow.

Photo Source: Turner Entertainment Networks, Inc.

At a return to life celebration for Roller, some interesting happenings go down. Polly and Dr. Ken hook up. Roller yells at and threatens Bryce. Roller gives the most dramatic recounting of his near death experience…and LIES. OH. THE LIES. He tells how he was strangled (by Desna) and shot (Virginia) but says he doesn’t remember who did what. The girls are safe. For now.

Recall: when people show you how they really are, believe them. With Polly and Quiet Ann discovering Roller owes copious amounts of money to Riva and the Russian mob (a nail shop client), Desna knows she must strike first. Setting up a meeting with Roller, she determines that he goes his way, she goes hers and it’s all good. Roller instead pulls a gun (gold plated) on Des and pushes her into her car. True colors indeed.

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