SyFy’s adaptation of George R. R. Martin’s novella “Nightflyers” wraps its first season with episode ten, “All That We Have Found.” The episode begins as Karl sees Agatha’s body off into the void, although I can admit that I thought it was Thale standing over her for a moment in her golden wrappings, and wish it had been because their connection seemed much more genuine.

For some reason Rowan is allowed to relax in his room after committing multiple murders and through his window we finally get a look at the volcryn with our own eyes. Things between Cynthia and Auggie are strained while things between Mel and Roy take a turn as she confesses her love and anger to his corpse.

Despite her best efforts, Cynthia cannot convince Karl to turn the ship around any more than anyone else can as his rationality slips further when he allows Rowan out to work in a desperate act to get Thale to communicate with the volcryn. I find it hard to believe that anyone is cool with Rowan coming out of his room after the multiple murders (yes, that again) but evidently that’s fine. Everything is fine.

When Mel returns to Roy’s room and enters his private quarters she is shocked to see Roy’s real physical form, unharmed by the recent attack, and learns information about her own mysterious connection to the Nightflyer and the Eris family. While we’re all being traumatized for life along with them, Thale informs Karl that he needs to go to the volcryn, that they want him to, and that they need to find Lommie.

As Cynthia lies and manipulates her way through Auggie to regain control of the ship, Karl steals Cynthia’s single-person escape pod and flies for the volcryn. When he enters the volcryn mass he finds swirling color, light and, experience that does away with temporality and transports him to another place. One of the big questions left at the end of season one is whether this is some semblance of the home he knew or another in another place and time.

In the end, the Nightflyer’s remaining crew huddles together in the mess hall they prepare to power down the ship in a last, desperate attempt to regain control from Cynthia Eris. The episode closes at the open, as they say, with the voice of Roy Eris describing his mission in the Nightflyer to any one of the crew members who came with the goal of reaching the volcryn.