For me at least, this season has been enjoyable, I know a lot of people are sad to see Madison depart, I’m not one of them, do I miss Nick? Absolutely, but it has given Alicia a real chance to shine. We have one episode left after this one, I’m sad to see it end even though I’m excited to see what is happening in Virginia.

At the hospital, June asks Morgan if he can help get them off the roof. Morgan doesn’t believe he can and wonders why she is asking him.


Hey guys, can you believe it’s almost the end of the season? Photo Credit: Ryan Green/AMC

Alicia and Charlie, with dumb luck, find John and Strand across the flooded waters. June tries to get a hold on Al over the walkie, Alicia hears the message and answers June. Alicia says she is with Charlie and sees Strand and John, June wants to talk to John but she can’t. Alicia says they have to get them, Morgan asks to talk to Alicia. She is shocked to hear Morgan’s voice, she asks if he is OK, he says it is not safe to talk right now. She wants to know if he is OK, Morgan says that he got them stuck and he is not sure he can get them out. She tells him she did what he said, she is helping people and that’s what led them to Strand and John. Morgan wants her to call again after he saves them. I do admit this whole process to find the duo was a little far fetched, but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t enjoyable.

Back at the hospital the plan is to get Al before the rest come to save them and find a way off the roof. After taking a look over the ledge Morgan thinks the best way down might be via the elevator. Morgan tries get Jim to join them, but he doesn’t want too, Sarah tries to get his recipe and he tells her to kick rocks in so many words.

John is losing his self and is starting to question everything, not believing that anyone will come to save them. Strand is the one who actually believes now in quite the role reversal. Martha was listening as we imagined and starts looking at the map, she is in pain and bleeding all over the place. I don’t know how honestly, but she crosses paths with Alicia and Charlie as they were looking for a boat and shoots at them. Alicia yells that she is hurt and they can help them, and Martha insists they can’t help her and she isn’t weak, but she passes out! Charlie recognizes the voice as the one over the walkie. Alicia and Charlie a short time later find the SWAT van, they use that to drive across the water and save John and Strand who enjoy a celebratory drink. As the guys get inside we see that Alicia kept Martha as a prisoner.


Martha is listening or maybe she is listening to her voices? Nobody knows. Photo Credit: Ryan Green/AMC

Back at the hospital the group is able to use the elevator back down, they get to the generator room and Al is gone. She wrote a message saying she is looking for a freight elevator and plans to find her van, tapes and if she finds (Martha) she is going to take care of her and if they do they need to do the same. Everyone has to get out of the hospital as fast as possible, with as many walkers are outside someone has to create a diversion while everyone else escapes. June doesn’t want Morgan to stay but he says he has too, it has to be him and they have to let him. Morgan drags a walker onto the roof and tells Jim they have work to do.

June and John connect over the walkie, it’s a touching moment for sure. John tells them that the person they were worried is listening is not and it’s safe. They found out where everyone is stranded and June says to meet on the outskirts of town. Not long after Martha wakes up nuttier than a payday bar in the van. She is nuuuuuts. June, Luciana, Wendell and Sarah get to the gate and tell Morgan they need that distraction. Morgan is on the roof and he gets the walker and momentum, and throws him off the roof onto a car that sets off the alarm. It gets the walkers attention and Morgan tells them they have to hurry. June tries to plead for Morgan to come, but he says the power is out, and he has things to make up for, and if he can get her back to June and everyone else out, then maybe he is on his way.

After everyone meets up, they come back to save Morgan, Morgan doesn’t want them to risk their lives for him. June says that everyone needs him if he believes it or not. Everyone tells Morgan they are their and ready, they saw a truck with a hydraulic lift with a ladder that still works even though the engine doesn’t. The ladder comes up short by a story or two and they want to know if Morgan can get down. He looks around and finds a rope that he will use to walk down the wall, at the ledge a walker comes barreling through the glass at him. Morgan isn’t able to kill the walker, he has the walker hanging over ledge and John Dory the marksman kills the walker.

Solving one problem has led him to the other, he has to jump off the ledge like a flying squirrel into the bucket of the lift. He gets on the edge and mentally prepares himself. He gets his bearings and takes a leap of faith, he is able to make it. We don’t know if he soiled himself, I would imagine yes. With Morgan in the bucket and coming down everyone meets back over at the truck instead of killing walkers. The buildup was getting big and fast, now everyone is stranded on the truck a little bit away from the SWAT van except Wendell and Charlie.

Without options, Jimbo decides he will not be a total dirt bag. He offers to be a distraction for everyone, and tells Sarah is beer recipe step by step, at the last piece he asks Sarah to put the walkie to her ear so nobody else can hear. I think he says DNA is the last part but we don’t know for sure. After he finishes his goodbye, he gets on the ledge and hurls himself off the roof onto the top of another vehicle to set the alarm off. With the diversion everyone gets off the fire truck into the SWAT, sometime during it all Martha escaped but their is nothing they can do about it now.

On the road they collectively try to name Jim’s beer, but Jimbo’s beerbo’s. They all agree he will hate it but it will keep his legacy on. During it all June reaches out and grabs John’s hand. You can see Luciana is happy and hurt to see it, everyone else is happy to see that. Everyone asks Morgan where they are going to go now. Morgan says he told Jim about Virginia when he first met him, Jim can’t make it but everyone else can. Everyone agrees to find Al and head to Virginia together.

Back at the hospital, Martha writes the beer recipe on Jim’s walker face, because of course she would.