The Walking Dead can be so so evil, and this week was no different. They had to start us off with a flashback of Jesus. Talk about being absolutely cruel to us, it brought us a peak into what caused Tara to leave Alexandria and join the Hilltop, it also showed us that the communities made some sort of declaration of rules for everyone to live by, but it remained unsigned and will be in Ezekiel’s possession.

Bringing us present day, Ezekiel is still a dreamer, which is not at all a shocker, he is trying to get things together for the Fair. The team is setting out for an elk hunt for meat for the event, the hunt appeared to go pretty seamless and Ezekiel and some others wanted to go on a side hunt. The big side mission for awesome epic gear was for, a projector light! It took a bit to find where the projector room was, Jerry was able to remove and bubble wrap it up nicely, just in time to pull a T-Dog and drop it! He dropped it in the theater room that was packed with 30-40 walkers.

Ezekiel and Carol were getting a marquee for the constitution hoping all would sign it at the Fair. Carol was telling Ezekiel it’s not a bad idea to keep all possibilities in play and maybe they should ask Jesus about letting them stay if things get worse in the Kingdom. The marquee is acquired, Jerry lets everyone know he dropped the bulb and it still should be in shape so they go team Cobra Strike to kill the walkers and retrieve the bulb. On the way back home Ezekiel says maybe they are done losing for awhile, which means they are for sure going to lose something which is sad. We zoom in on a symbol behind a traffic sign which looks like a stick figure without it’s upper half, or an upside v with a line across it. Either way someone is claiming that area they just invaded.

Our only other major story was with Hilltop and the Whisperers, Alpha wants her daughter back, Daryl doesn’t want to give her back. But they have Luke and Aldon and that is a good trade that he will have to take. The Whisperers have themselves a baby that won’t keep quiet. Alpha motions to let the baby get eaten by the walkers, that it’s apart of natural selection. Daryl goes to get Lydia from jail, but our resident dummy Henry took her and escaped. Daryl knows what has to be done and he is ready to go find Henry when Enid stops him and says she can go. Enid and another go after Henry since the other knows where he would go.

Connie is hiding in the corn maze and Luke knows she is in there and was signing her to stay hidden, but later after the baby is left he motions to her about the baby. She comes out like a bad ass and slays some walkers and retrieves the baby. A couple Whisperers pull out a weapon to chase and attack her and she gets back into the corn. The production team does an awesome jump cut scene from her point of view in the maze with limited sounds as Connie is hearing impaired.


Connie got her time to shine and it was well deserved. Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC The Walking Dead

The walkers are closing in fast but luckily Daryl and company are there to make the save for Connie and the baby and get them back safe inside. Enid catches up with Henry and Lydia, Enid brings up Carl which makes me almost want to cry yet again. But Lydia volunteers to go back and see her mom and her people. Back at Hilltop she thanks her mom for getting her, and she slaps her in the face and says address me as Alpha like the others.

Henry talks to Daryl and says he knows why they did it, but wants to know what’s next. Daryl says they have to just live with it. Sometimes the world is just shit and you have to live with what happens. So of course Henry doesn’t live with what happened and leaves at night. Daryl gets word and packs up with dog to leave. Connie couldn’t really get in party mode like her friends and sees Daryl leaving and wants to know where he is going. Daryl writes he couldn’t live with it went to find Lydia. She writes she is going with him. Daryl verbally asks why. She writes that she can’t live with it either. Daryl tries to stop but knows she is going to come along so Daryl, Dog and Connie set out to find Lydia(and Henry).