“Faire is Foul” was definitely an entertaining episode, and it left a good amount of plot points to be developed in the coming weeks. With a Renaissance Faire turned into a fight for police evidence and a struggle to save a man’s life, how could there not be some good plot points in there? Here are a few of my personal favorite moments:

Sly’s First Court Appearance

Let’s be honest, this went down exactly how we all knew it would. Sly’s first appearance as an attorney was rough, and the fact that it happened on his birthday just made things worse. Luckily, Cabe was more supportive than ever and refused to let the court flub ruin Sly’s day. Which was wonderful because it forced Sly to get out of his head and into the scene of the Ren Faire, but it was also concerning because Cabe seemed to be repressing his own anxieties again. At least this time he had a good reason.

Sly at the Renaissance Faire

I loved everything about this. Sly seemed so in his element at this festival, and it was endearing that Paige adamantly defended his right to enjoy it every time Walter started getting nit-picky about the details. I felt like Sly’s rallying speech at the end of the episode hit a little close to home and could be applied to all of us nerds who throw ourselves into fictional worlds

The only thing that could make Sly’s birthday episode better next season? Bring back the Super Fun Guy costumes and take those babes to a comic convention.

Happy and Toby Getting It on During the Festival

Happy and Toby’s relationship is goals. Happy’s costume stood out starkly when compared with other women at the festival because she was dressed as an executioner. Not only was that costume fitting for her, it was arousing for her new husband. Weird? Maybe. But, hey, the fact that Toby had eyes for only Happy and thought she was the most beautiful thing in the world even dressed like death’s right hand man was adorable. And despite being a little thrown off by his attraction to her in the costume, Happy was eager to fulfill his needs.

Another important moment with this couple was Toby’s purchase of a fertility amulet at the Ren Faire. He immediately made it clear that he didn’t believe the amulet would work, but he asked Happy to give it a shot anyway. Queue the sappy “I want a family with you”, mutual puppy dog eyes speech. And queue my fangirl squealing.

Walter’s Attempt to Write a Romantic Song for Paige

This was hands-down the most awkward thing I have seen Walter do. But he did it with passion, and it was adorable. Asking Happy for help was another indicator of how strong their friendship is because Walter was extremely out of his element while writing that song. And, of course, Happy was quick to shut him down when she realized how bad it was. But her words of encouragement went far, and by the end of the episode, Walter had a song fragment that was heartfelt and had potential to get fleshed out into something truly touching.

Paige’s decision to tell him he didn’t have to change was expected, but I was hoping that Walter would continue with his songwriting anyway. It was a shame to see him toss away that tape…but Paige’s reaction when she hears what’s on it is going to be priceless.

So, some predictions based on what “Faire is Foul” gave us:

  • Sly’s confidence will sky-rocket due to his determination to help Cabe and he is finally able to get out of his own head. The next court appearance is going to be an improvement!
  • The Quintis baby is going to be conceived when we least expect it. With all the hype those two are putting themselves through I think there’s going to be a roadblock of some sort that throws off their groove and distracts from their baby making goal. And that will be the perfect opportunity for a surprise conception.
  • Paige is going to see how hard Walter is trying to improve his emotional depth for her and realize how much he has grown since they started dating. They’ve had a few sappy moments so far, but there’s a big one coming. I can feel it.

That’s that for “Faire is Foul”! What did you think of the episode? Leave a comment and share with your friends before tonight’s episode, “It’s Raining Men (O’War)”, airs tonight at 10 p.m.!

And speaking of tonight’s episode…are you ready? Because I am not ready. Grab some tissues, nerds, we’re gonna need them. And so will Cabe.