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*** This post contains major spoilers for episode 2×12, “The Book of Secrets-Chapter Two: Just and Unjust.”

After the death of Khalil, Anissa and Lynn are worried about Jennifer. Anissa believes they should give her space, while her mom thinks that too much space will cause her to isolate herself and become depressed. Anissa tells her mom that you and dad don’t always know what’s best for us, we sometimes know what’s best for us. Moments later, outside the grocery store, Anissa is shot and Lynn goes into a frenzy. During the planned attack, we see Agent O’Dell holding a gun.

Jennifer is at Khalil’s moms house grieving when she starts to get emotional and her eyes start lighting up. Nichelle tells her that she doesn’t have enough money to pay for his funeral.

Gambi, Anissa, Lynn, and Jefferson all meet at Gambi’s. Gambi realizes that O’Dell has been running surveillance on Lynn. Jeff thinks Tobias is behind it, and Lynn wants to confront O’Dell.

At the ASA, Lynn confronts O’Dell about why he is following her. O’Dell tells her she should be happy to be alive. When he asks how her daughter is doing, Lynn lies and tells him she wasn’t shot, she just fainted. O’Dell doesn’t like her dishonesty.

Anissa and Jenn have a conversation after Jenn sees the bandage on Anissa after she was shot. Anissa tells Jenn that pain doesn’t make you weak, it makes you strong.

Lynn and Jeff don’t know what to do with Jenn. Lynn wants to send Jenn back to Garfield so she can have a normal life and Jeff doesn’t think it’s a good idea with all her powers and “teenage hormones.” Jenn walks in and tells her parents she’s ready and wants a suit to take down Tobias. Jenn wants revenge on Tobias but Jeff tells her that revenge isn’t the right way to go about this.

The Markovian’s are after the pod kids and O’Dell wants Dr.Jace to move them. Jace claims that she is Beethoven and Lynn is Mozart and that they will need the both of them to move the kids.

Anissa is working at the free clinic when she comes across a patient who has obviously been beaten by a man. The girl, Mo’Nique claims that she blacked out and doesn’t remember what happened. This has happened more than a few times and the clinic doesn’t log her in anymore because her boyfriend is in the 100.

Parenna is walking down the street, minding her business when she is attacked by Markovian intelligence. Parenna uses her powers to freeze them to the ground with her mind and walks out unscathed.

Jenn arrives back at Garfield High and everyone is glad to have her back. As she makes her way around the halls, high-fiving and hugging her friends, she see’s a memorial for Khalil.

Anissa, who now has her own key to Grace’s apartment, comes to pick her up for a date. On Grace’s table, Anissa finds Black Lightning and Thunder comics and is so ecstatic about it.

Anissa, disguised in black, comes for the man in the 100 that has been beating Mo’nique. Anissa threatens the man while also taking some money. On her way out, Anissa is ambushed by 5 of the gang members and is hurt in the attack. The only way she got out was by using her clap attack.

Back at Garfield, the janitors are removing Khalil’s memorial which almost sets Jennifer’s powers off.

Gambi finds Anissa passed out in the bunker. Anissa starts crying because she’s starting to realize she’s doing everything her dad told her not to do.

Jennifer makes Khalil her own memorial but Principal Lowry doesn’t allow it and tells her to take it down. Jennifer claims that Lowry is racist and Lowry gets her sent away. The students all protest and when Lowry asks Jefferson to tell the kids to put their cell phones away, Jefferson tells Lowry, ” that sounds like a job for the Principal.” (Sick burn)

Anissa goes to the church to drop off the stolen money for Khalil’s funeral.

Gambi finds out the Markovian government is after Lynn. Jefferson suits up and heads to the store front to take down the Markovians. As they circle Black Lightning, Jefferson puts up an electric shield then knocks them all out. Jefferson calls in Henderson take in the men.

Back at Garfield, Jefferson is up in arms about the fact Lowry decided to suspend Jennifer. Jeff believes that he should have let him handle it and that Jenn doesn’t believe Lowry has the right perspective to be able to handle this situation. Lowry contends that Jenn called him a racist in front of the school and that warrants a suspension. Lowry tries to use reverse racism on Jefferson by giving him a sob story on how he grew up with a father who was a heroin addict and that he had to eat dog food growing up. Jefferson still doesn’t agree he thinks he’ll still get the benefit a rich Black man won’t get because he’s white. Jefferson says good talk, and leaves. (We’ll talk about this more in my thoughts section)

Anissa and Grace are out on a date and Grace is all, you’re so spontaneous, Anissa, I love that. Anissa tells Grace she’s so deep and she can’t wait to get to know all about her when Grace is like, whoa, I never press you about when you go running off. Grace’s powers start to glitch and she gets all weird when Anissa asks her to come to family dinner. Grace leaves with Anissa confused as to what she did.

Everyone gathers for Khalil’s funeral. In the car before the funeral, Jeff finds out that the Markovian leader had immunity and is on his way back to Markovia. Anissa wants to talk to Grace but she’s not answering. Jefferson gives a speech about not giving up on themselves and the memory of others while they’re on this journey.

Anissa goes to Grace’s but when she gets there most of Grace’s stuff is gone.

Tobias orders Todd to abort the cancellation of Dr.Jace and says that she’s about to be a permanent part of the operation.

In the last scene, as Khalil’s casket is being lowered into the ground, Jennifer promises that she will take Tobias down. As she walks away we see Agent O’Dell spying in the background.


The penultimate episode of the season, “Just and Unjust,” dealt with a very topical issue, brought together most of the supporting cast, dealt with the fallout of Khalil’s death, and brought the Markovians to the forefront.

As a white person who mentors children in a predominately black community, I understand where both men (Lowry & Jefferson) come from. Lowry was in the wrong for trying to divide the students by taking down the memorial. It’s in these times where students need to show solidarity for one another, no matter what wrongs or rights, the student did. Jefferson tries to tell him this. Lowry tries to explain his upbringing to show Jeff that he hasn’t exactly had everything given to him on a silver platter, which he thinks Jeff assumes, which Jeff does.

Where Lowry is the most wrong though for how he brings it up, focusing on trying to reverse the blame on how white people are treated now in America. There is a fair amount of truth in this assessment , as white america has become more vilified year after year, but in the context of the argument, it’s not something Lowry should be arguing. I think both men, need to show more compassion, especially Lowry, but I think Jefferson, who is a little bitter after being fired for this guy needs to show some too. I don’t think Lowry is a villain or all around bad guy, the way they’ve portrayed him makes it seem like he is, he is just someone who like Anissa said earlier in the episode, “doesn’t know what is the best thing is for these children.” That’s the point Jefferson is trying to make.

As Anissa and Grace have gotten closer, it’s Grace who is the one who’s starting to back out as it was Anissa in season one who pushed Grace away when she got her powers. If they both only knew that they’re pushing each other for the same reason maybe we wouldn’t have to drag this out for another season.

On another front, Jennifer is this close (i said this close) to finally getting her suit and becoming Lightning. This is the moment I think most fans of the show have been waiting for all season. While spoiler alert*** i have seen the promotional picture of Jenn in her costume, and it looks really amazing, I can’t wait to see it in the show!

However, I didn’t get the feeling that this was the second to last episode of the season. While things have been building all season, adding more characters, and world-building, I’m hoping the finale is ready to go big and end this season on a high note. Last seasons finale did a great job of wrapping up mostly all the plot lines, making it seem like a very cohesive story. This season has been very different, throwing different characters and arc’s into the fray. I don’t know if there’s enough time for Black Lightning season 2 to wrap every plot point they’ve brought up during the season. The good news is that Black Lightning has been renewed for season 3 so we’ll find out shortly.

+Setting up Jennifer to get her suit and join the team

-Very little Tobias

+ Setting up the Markovians (ala young justice:outsiders)

– Grace and Anissa can’t seem to get on the same page

– vilifying another white character

+Anissa finally learning from her mistakes

+Finally a Black Lightning solo scene