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Valentine’s Day in Erinsborough saw a lot of love in the air, but this is Neighbours, so obviously not all the Ramsay Street romance went smoothly.

The big story was poor Leo and his spontaneous and misguided public proposal to Terese, which left everyone who witnessed it feeling decidedly uncomfortable and ultimately resulted in Terese breaking things off. It’s unlikely to happen, but just for the record I would rather rub a cheese grater up and down my face really fast for five whole minutes than have someone propose to me publicly. This was the only part of this situation where I was on Team Terese – even I would have told Leo to stand up and stop making an idiot of himself, and I think he’s as cute as a button.

neighbours terese leo

Leo proposes to Terese. PHOTO: © Channel 5. SOURCE: Digital Spy

Having observed the love triangle between her ex-husband, his son and his partner, and the trouble it caused, you’d think Terese would be a bit more wary of getting herself into a remarkably similar situation with Leo and his dad, but like everyone on Neighbours, she doesn’t seem to learn from experience. For some reason, the crochety and incredibly boring corporate villain vibe is too much for Terese to resist, because no sooner had she broken poor Leo’s heart, she was getting herself strapped into one of her killer wrap dresses, putting on some red lippy and heading over to seduce his dad. I just don’t see it, Terese. Leo is smoking hot and much more fun than Paul, what are you doing?

There’s also some romantic trigonometry going on over at the Brennan house, where Chloe has been wrestling with her feelings for her brother’s fiancée, Elly. To complicate things, Chloe’s ex, Mel, is now back on the scene, and despite an early hook-up, Chloe didn’t seem all that keen on rekindling things. But, after a trip to the beach where Mel wore quite possibly the worst sunglasses I’ve ever seen, things seem to be back on between them. Is Chloe really all in with Mel though, or is she just a way to forget about Elly? I think it’s probably the latter.

soaps neighbours mel chloe elly

Elly walks in on Chloe and Mel PHOTO: © Channel 5. SOURCE: Digital Spy

The writers thought they could distract us from all the current woe on the street by giving us a cheeky flash of Ned’s bum after he got steamy with Bea at the garage. If this is what passes as distraction, then I don’t mind it. I’m only human, after all.

Unfortunately the good mood induced by Ned’s bum rapidly dispersed as Bea started singing again. I’m not saying she isn’t talented, but people singing in Neighbours is just the worst. I’m going to bring back the cheese grater, because grating my face off is also preferable to watching people sing on Neighbours. Please make it stop.

But by far the most touching Valentine’s pairing was Gary and Karl having a little man date at The Waterhole. Honestly, I was kind of indifferent to Gary and Amy as a couple until I saw Gary and Karl together, but now I’m dead against them getting back together. They do not have anywhere near as much chemistry as Gary and Karl, and I mean at this point, why not? Everyone else seems to have worked their way around the residents of the street, so why can’t Gary and Karl change it up? They’re the Ramsay Street couple I never knew I wanted….