The Babyface fight is done and gone, wrapped up in the first several minutes of the episode to move onto one of the other highlight fights in Part 5, Giorno and Mista against Ghiaccio and his stand White Album.

The start has Giorno using Golden Experience in some good ways, and ways that aren’t complete deus ex machina in order to take out Melone. Here we also see continued some of the best additions that the anime adaptation has brought over the manga which is the hit man squad constantly in contact with one another both adds to their dynamic and makes them seem more like an actual team while also being a good explanation for how they have been able to continually track Bruno’s group and show up where they are as opposed to just kind of appearing as they did in the manga.


Image via Crunchyroll

The start of the fight against Ghiaccio is particularly good as now that the stand powers of all the main characters has been introduced they can start playing off of each other in fights. White Album produces an immense cold, so gold Giorno can’t bring anything to life in such conditions, and hard thick layers of ice, to the extent that Mista’s bullets can’t penetrate the covering of ice that Ghiaccio has surrounding him. So, in order to get around that, Mista fires his bullets which raise the temperature immediately around them so that Giorno can give life to the bullets and throw Ghiaccio off the car.

image.pngGhiaccio then forms his stand up around himself and produces ice skates and begins to zoom towards Giorno and Mista’s car only for Mista to put bullets under his skates causing him to trip and fall. Ghiaccio though freezes the exhaust from the car’s tailpipe and holds onto that and pulls himself up to the car. At this Giornio crashes the car over the side of the bridge they had been on and into the canal in a perfect “To Be Continued” moment.