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Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt’s Season 4 First Half was Ridiculously Rewatchable

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt has been a hit and miss series for us, and with Netflix giving it the half season treatment we were skeptical and left confused and sore about how abrupt the episodes ended. It was no longer a big to-do and binge with only a few hours of conent, but upon rewatching wehave decided that it’s as strong as season 3, and maybe even better for our characters’ development, and the new additions were welcome!
The finale is a great episode, but makes little sense as a finale cliff hanger to last us until the rest of season 4 drops on January 25th, 2019. Until then, lets provide praisefor our favorite take aways:

Busy Phillips, Sheba aka Artie’s daughter, becomes dependent on Lillian when Artie leaves his lover in charge of her trust because he knows they’re cut from the same cloth and we were hungry for more of their dynamic (and a chance at development for Lillian) but to wait until 2019? Sigh.

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt – Netflix
Titus spends most of the half-season failing to write a script (too real) after hus fortuitously forced meeting with Greg Kinnear, and takes Kimmy’s rejected childrens book to show the nice people of fake Youtube Brown, but ends up finally winning the executives over with his personality and things are looking up for him going into the next half of the season. There was also a cute episode where he helps direct a middle school play and is a little less plot driven and feel good based but it was a memorable addition, but nothing was funnier than the stock footahe he references being booked for in the first episode reappearing throughout the season as it was used in the Party Monster documentary about the Reverend.
Jacqueline focuses on her new career as an agent, even succeeding to get more than just Titus as a client, and takes further steps at self-growth by being there for her kids when they needed her. All positives for her, she even crashes eith Kimmy and Titus and is starting to lose some of her more intolerable snob qualities.
Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt – Netflix
Kimmy is, of course, all over the place constantly fighting the patriarchy. The titular character takes a rollercoaster ride all season that takes us from her new job as head of HR at Giztoob (where she gets slapped with sexual harassment and goes unappreciated for her aggressive friendliness), to getting played by a smooth talker at a tech conference, to more confrontation with the Reverend as he finds new allies through DJ Fingablast’s hilarious, if not extremely problematic documentary. There’s a technical cliffhanger that implies a sniper or stalker is peeping at Kimmy and her friends through their window, but we don’t there’s any real threat in this show of ridiculous humour and low consequences that usually resolves issues so quickly you get whiplash going to the next scene and forget by the next season.
We will say that these episodes only get better with a second viewing and highly recommend a shirt binge the week befofe the rest of Season 4 drops on Netflix.

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