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American Horror Story: Cult “Neighbours from Hell” Episode 3 Recap and the Ivy Theory

Dive into all of the #AHS theories from episode 3 of #Cult with Michael's recap!

A lot of fans were left disappointed after last week’s episode, but it has fanned a theory that keeps us hooked for the next episode, so let’s dive in and sift through what episode 3 had to offer.

Thankfully, the two most interesting scenes were the opening and the ending, with the opener being the more exciting of the two. We see Dr. Vincent with another patient, Rosie, discussing her overcoming her fear of coffins through exposure therapy and she leaves the office. To fan the theory that Dr. Vincent is a cult member, and potentially the leader, when Rosie and her husband get home they find a pair of coffins and a gang of clowns waiting for them.

Cut back to the main storyline–power is back on and news reports are focused on Ally and how she won’t go to jail for shooting Pedro (Michigan has stand-your-ground laws) and their restaurant is being protested. The protests hit a little closer to home when Ally’s new neighbours, the Wiltons, come to the newly proclaimed “lesbian George Zimmerman’s” door, clad in sombreros, to vocalize their displeasure with the lack of legal repurcussions for Ally’s actions (using a gun they had given her, mind you).

American Horror Story: Cult – Courtesy of FX

Even with their over the top reaction, we can’t believe it isn’t slightly to save face and hide that giving her the gun was some kind of puppet master move to get her in trouble or, at minimum, drive a wedge between her and Ally.

While there is no legal fallout for Ally’s actions, it does increase the levels of harassment she faces. Someone (probably the Wiltons) posts the Mayfair-Richards’ address to Craigslist with a scandalous message resulting in a strange man masturbating in their living room, and they keep reposting it when the Mayfair-Rkchards have it removed. Ally’s therapist is not pleased with her behavior and seems less supportive than usual–which is likely an attempt to make her feel isolated. [Between the episode opening and the clown/smily buttons we don’t even think his cult involvement is a theory at this point and he’s probably the leader.]

American Horror Story: Cult – Courtesy of FX

Ally faces the protesters at the restaurant thinking she can talk to them and explain she’s not a racist, only to be rescued by Kai when she gets too shaken when they rush her car. Kai playing saviour for Ally made us feel nauseated and 110% uncomfortable.

The Wiltons then interfere in the lives of their neighbours more openly by giving Ozzy a pet guinea pig named Mister Guinea. This of course causes more divide amongst the family when the moms want him to give it back. The result? A catty and almost hilariously campy phone call between the Mayfair-Richards and the Wiltons and their friend the not-so-believably cast detective, Colton Haynes.

American Horror Story: Cult – Courtesy of FX

We then get a momentarily happy scene of Mayfair-Richards enjoying a nice meal at their restaurant where Ally anounces that she thinks Ozzy should keep his new pet and the family bonds.  Conversely, we get scenes of the Wiltons doing their own pinky-locked sit downs with Kai. Kai pushes Meadow to admit her fears and tells her to be more manipulative, while getting Harrison to admit he wishes his wife were dead.

When the Mayfair-Richards return home they find one of the creepy smileys on their door, and, instead of calling the police, rush in to find Mr. Guinea getting baked potatod in the microwave. Its horrifying and the “pop” he made when he blew up still haunts me.

American Horror Story: Cult – Courtesy of FX

They blame the Wiltons and Ally rushes across the street to confront them, assaulting Harrison. In the raucous, the mysterious “chemical spraying” truck rolls down their street and Ally is feeling froggy enough to leap out in front of it.   She doesn’t get hit but does un-gracefully jump out of the way and then unmasks one of the helmet-clad people from the truck to only find a mask with that creepy smiley. We were shook, but mostly because that seemed to be the end of that scene, with no explanation.

American Horror Story: Cult – Courtesy of FX

Apparently unphased by the gruesome loss of Mr. Guinea, Ozzy is upstairs looking at the dark-web on his computer when he gets a “virus” that locks a scandalous video on his screen. He had seen Ivy put in the child lock password “clownz” which ingnighted a lot of fan theories about the potential of Ivy being a double agent, and when he calls for their help and admits his wrong doing we are all blown away from different reasons. The video locked on his screen? Candid camera footage of sexy bath time from the last episode.  Ally had the most appropriate reaction to a bad situation, “I’m sorry that I did that but oh sh*t there are cameras in our house,” whereas Ivy had 0 issue with the cameras and just couldn’t believe Ally would cheat and she is leaving with Ozzy.

Before she can fully leave Ally to fend for herself there’s a scene™ happening across the street. Harrison is in hysterics and covered in blood shouting about how Meadow has disappeared. He blames Ally and tries to rush her before being taken down by police.  

American Horror Story: Cult – Courtesy of FX

We are suspicious about Ivy, but why would she damage the reputation of her restaurant or sign up for someone to be murdered in her meat cooler, costing more money? Maybe she’s being manipulated, but I doubt she is the cult leader. Let us know your theories before it’s too late!

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