The Umbrella Academy Season 1 episode 7 The day that was

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Quick Recap

On the previous episode of The Umbrella Academy throughout the episode we took a trip in time as number five betrayed his trust with the Commission once again to save the world. Even though he eliminated any chance of the Commission assassinating again he made a smart move by turning Hazel and Cha-Cha on each other so that they wouldn’t be in his way either. We also got a glimpse of the past relationship between Luther and Alison which was suspected to be more than a brother and sister relationship. We now know that Vanya has powers and towards the end of the episode, she discovered that Lenorard swiped her father’s notebook that contained more family secrets. Before the plot thickened, the entire day started over by five’s time alternating action and so “The Day That Wasn’t” became “The Day Was”.

   Leonard Aka Harold Jenkins

Five believed that a man by the name of Harold Jenkins is responsible for the end of the world. The commission’s duty was to protect him so that the world would end accordingly, but five made it the family’s mission to take him out. At first, I thought that Harold Jenkins would be someone who knew the family and I was right, but he knew the family all too well. When Alison saw a picture of Mr.Jenkins she knew that Vanya would possibly be in danger. This made sense as to why Alison couldn’t find Leonard’s public record. I knew there was a reason why Leonard so desperately had to play lover boy with Vanya. It wasn’t because she actually cared for her, he wants revenge on the Hargreaves family. It wasn’t revealed how he was going to use Vanya to get revenge, but he did take her in the middle of nowhere to exercise her powers. While he took her on a fake vacay the family was able to find Leonard’s cave of obsession. Leonard or Harold Jenkins was just a fanboy of The Umbrella Academy who wanted to run away from his drunken abusive father to be a hero. When his hero’s failed to save him from a horrible life and Sir. Hargreeves shamed him with the same treatment he gave Vanya, he killed his father and did time in prison. The family of superheroes has no idea who they’re up against.

Luther Gone Wild

As seen in the previous episode, Luther decided to look for answers as to why his father sent him to the moon for so many years. This time when Luther got depressed, Alison wasn’t there to save him. Klaus was stuck babysitting Luther as he drowned his sorrows in alcohol and drugs just like he does. Klaus’s carefree lifestyle appealed to Luther a little too much so he decided “Why the hell not. As he partied with fellow furries who embarrassed his massive and muscular ape-like body, Klaus became sober enough to get in touch with his father. I’ll admit Sir.Hargreeves answers weren’t quite what I expected and I was expecting an actual reason for sending Luther to the moon, but he had none. The entire time of watching this season, I thought that Sir. Hargreeves death was a covered up murder, but it was actually suicide to bring his family together in time to stop the apocalypse. Sir. Hargreeves explained his treatment towards the children as his way of getting them prepared to defend the world. Before Sir. Hargreeves could warn Klaus about anything else he faded away and Klaus was back in the grips of reality. Hopefully, Klaus seeing Luther act nuts will encourage him to do better for himself. After all, he can’t save the world high or can he?

 A New Life For Hazel

Hazel and Cha-Cha were both assigned to assassinate each other, but the long term partners were both hesitant about fulfilling their job duties, Hazel was able to outsmart Cha-Cha. Instead of being told what to do, Hazel decided that he would like to live a free life that doesn’t involve killing even if it means he will die in the apocalypse. He even got the donut shop witness to become his lady and run away with him. I thought it was cute how she was quick to agree with Hazel’s new life journey with no questions asked. Cha-Cha’s hesitation to kill Hazle quickly distinguished when she saw them together. Hazel eventually tied Cha-Cha up and informed her about his new life even though jealousy spewed from her mouth. Cha-Cha even went as far as calling Hazel’s new love a “donut whore” I don’t know about you guys, but a donut whore sounds great to me. Picture the world’s sexiest donut!

       The End Of The World?

Each episode leads us close to what is suppose to be the end of the world, but at the end of this episode, it seems like the family is hopeless. Number five was out of action this episode because of his gunshot wound, Diego was arrested for Eudora’s murder, Luther was on drugs and partying like an animal, and to top it all off the person that lost his eye which is supposed to lead to the end of the world so happened to be Leonard. The fake eyeball that five retrieved in the future has not been made yet by the company that Hazel and Cha-Cha blew up. Since the actions are sure to alternate the present actions, I wonder what that means for the family and the rest of the world. Leonard did a great job fancying Vanya, but I want to know what did he do to make the world come to an end? The family will have to do their best to figure out how to overcome death and kill Harold.

    Yay Or Nay

This episode became my favorite so far in this season, so it definitely deserves praise. I said yay to “The day that was” because I thought it was a brilliant idea to replay the previous episode, but with different angles of the story to show exactly how certain actions alternate time. I also liked how I got to see Leonard’s childhood background before discovering more crazy things about him. I could see why he looked up to the children so much hoping and praying that he could have a life like theirs, but he found out that Sir. Hargreeves was just as bad as his own dad. It sucked seeing Vanya mistreated all of her childhood life only to be used and manipulated by a wannabe Umbrella Academy student. I’m uncertain how Vanya’s powers work specifically and if she has multiple powers. It seems as if her powers create a certain reaction with her emotions. So, if Vanya’s pissed everyone around her will feel it. I suspect that Leonard will try to get Vanya to kill her familty by using the pent up rage and regret she has against them. Hopefully this prediction is somewhat true, but we will have to see. Till next episode everyone!


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