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The Fair Coming to The Walking Dead

Exciting, scary, frightening, or perhaps great and amazing things are on the horizon for The Walking Dead as the Fair is about to come to the show for the second half of the season. Let’s take a look at what some potential outcomes could be from Ezekiel’s master plan.

What Ezekiel ultimately hopes happens is it brings the communities all back together as one larger entity. Brings back the lines of communications as we have seen their is a lot of hostility between groups, for reasons we are unsure of. Oceanside seems on it’s own, the Hilltop and Alexandria have MAJOR beef, while Daryl has been off on his own with dog. The Kingdom feels like it’s still it’s normal self, but has always felt like a place all its own because it’s a place all its own. We do know Michonne wasn’t for it at first, so maybe her and Alexandria don’t show up, but if all the other communities get back in good graces it has to be only a matter of time before Alexandria comes around.

What is more likely to happen, with all the recent craziness going around is that all sides know that they have to work together and help each other out with the death of Jesus. All colonies now have a larger threat they have to focus on so they all will agree to the Fair to help bring things, ideas, people and goods together, including Michonne and Alexandria.

Taking into account a few points, we have some reason to believe that things will end bad, because let’s face it, this is the Walking Dead after all, and things have to end badly. From the most recent preview, we see that Daryl and Michonne have someone captured, who we know is Lydia, the daughter to Alpha. Daryl asks where Lydia’s mom is, and she says, be glad you don’t know.

What could that mean? One it could obviously mean that they are on their way to get her. It could also mean anarchy, as more and more cast members are brought to the show, it could be time for a purge, like what we saw during the prison years. If Angela Kang decides to take it down the path of the comics, things are about to get crazy!

Comic Spoilers incoming:

So during the comics, the Whisperers have a great advantage that they wear masks, and nobody knows what they really look like. In a large event with people from so many communities, and no way that everyone knows everyone, it was very easy for members of the Whisperers to lose their masks and slip in undetected into the fair. They used this advantage to capture and kill a large number of people. They used the heads on spikes as a warning of where the Whisperers land is. This could be a gruesome end for many characters and if the comics goes true to form some favorite(s).

My biggest question, are the Saviors welcome? Negan is pondering that as well.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Negan – The Walking Dead _ Season 9, Episode 6 – Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC


  1. One of the things I enjoy about the show is how they deviate from the comic sometimes. So we realize it’s not stapled to that foregone conclusion. Either way, like you said . . it is going to be carazy!!

    Can you tell I’m anxious for it to get started?

    1. It is nice they make changes from the comics otherwise it would lose some of it’s edge being right from the comics.

      I am very excited too, I am sad that I don’t have the AMC subscription thing to watch the premiere this Sunday.

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