With this being only the second episode of season eight of Doctor Who, I really feel this will be the season highlight when we take a look back. This episode started with a familiar opening that reminded me of “The Night of The Doctor”. It showed The Doctor saving a woman from a crashing ship which leads to an unusual story. The Doctor has seen many things during his time traveling in time and space. However a “good” Dalek is something that he has never thought could ever come to be. The Doctor teams up with soldiers to help this Dalek by shrinking to go inside of it. I found this to be a really nice nod to old sci-fi films. This also showed us a better look into the Doctor himself. Once the Doctor went inside a Dalek he found what was inside him. The painful and hateful feelings towards the Dalek race. The Doctor is able to save the Dalek by reminding it of a star being born. It now  knowing that with death there is life and hope. The Dalek knew that there will always be hope even in a sea of death. I thought this was a great way showing both The Doctor and the Dalek. We also saw the Doctor as hope to anyone who needed it. As well as how we always tied death to the presence of Daleks.

The Doctor does what he does best when helping his patient by saving the “good” Dalek. We see the “good” Dalek shooting down the other Daleks which made for some great eye candy and a classic scene. We ended the episode feeling that the 12th Doctor and Carla are bonding with a father/daughter feel. This had a strong “Moffat feel” to it. It really reminded me of “The Doctor Dances”. This episode also had some of the most amazing cinematography. Every frame of this episode could be used as a amazing production still. The lights, tone and mood was all just amazing. Will this be the story that future fans use to introduce others to the 12th Doctor?