Hello, and welcome back to Season 2 of The Resident! We are reviewing Episode 11 today, but before that… hi! How are you? How goes it? I hope you have a great day. Let’s go ahead and dive into this episode!!!

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It is opening day for the free clinic Nic and Mina pushed for! With media coverage, it is a good counter story with Lane Hunter’s trial and murder, and gives Chastain in a nicer light. In 3 days, they have seen over 60 patients. Dr. Shaw seems to enjoy the clinic, meeting Floyd and his granddaughter, Aubrey. He has a cough, but Nic notices a leaking wound on his leg. As they are trying to figure out the cause of the injury, Shaw and Nic discuss Aubrey, who seems to be potentially autistic- doesn’t talk unless she is interesting in the subject, no eye contact, fiddles with hair. Shaw makes a comment she might be a stoned teenager, but Nic mentions she has seen enough stoned teenagers to know Aubrey isn’t one. Think Shaw is falling in love. Floyd has a staph infection in his leg. Nic tries to show Aubrey how to treat it, but Floyd and Shaw shut her down. After arguing her case, the guys give Aubrey a chance. She is too nervous, and Nic and her have a heart to heart. It seems Aubrey’s mother was a nurse before she died. She actually wants to help, but is worried she won’t live up to her standards.

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Bradley is back! In case you forgot who the lovely Brad is, he was a doctor at Chastain before trying to kill himself, and then began to develop marketing. He was doing well outside of the hospital but needed heart surgery, where a QuoVadis heart valve installed. He asks Devon for a little help, needing to prepare a presentation for his device to show to QuoVadis. Luckily, it is only an issue with the cable. But, as he presents to Dr Bell, and Gordon Page, he begins to have a shortness of breath, and touches his chest. He has no pulse. Dr. Bell goes with Bradley to Chastain where they try to get his heart started. After 30 minutes, even though Devon refuses to accept it, Conrad, Mina and Nic are reluctant to help, but keep supporting Devon. Finally, they do an EKG, showing no cardiac activity.

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Dr. Bell finds out the valve, installed earlier in the season by AJ Austin, is shattered, and caused the cardiac arrest. He approaches Gordon, who claims the break was by Dr. Austin because of operator error. In another room, Conrad figures it might be a manufacturing error, but the hospital plans to share their findings for Bradley’s death at a conference. Before they can talk about Bradley, Dr. Bell comes up and says his case will not be presented today, causing eyebrows to be raised. Suddenly, Dr. Bell is caught between QuoVadis, who he is a chairman for, and Chastain, who he is the CEO for. The cause of Bradley’s death will determine where his loyalties lie. Mina, Conrad and Devon confront Bell, who hints he is trying to protect Austin, but that guy is so methodical in his surgeries, it is extremely unlikely. Mina goes to warn him. AJ does not take the news well. Sadly, when he confronts bell, Julian’s notes mentions how he tried to install the valve upside down. Gordon begins to question everyone who was in the OR about the insertion of the valve. Sadly, he can pin them in a corner with his word choice, placing blame on Austin time and again. AJ, though, goes to his mentor, and tries to find advice, but in case you forgot, Gordon already has the mentor on his payroll, and he makes Austin feel like he is in the wrong. He begins to ‘Ponder’, even forgoing an operation to reflect. He will not do another surgery until he finds humility.

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Conrad give Devon a new patient, to get his mind off of Bradley. Marisol. Stomach pain that has happened on and off again for years. Ruined her life and marriage. Devon asks if she has seen a doctor in which she replies “I have seen many.. I just need to find one that believes me.” Conrad checks up on Devon as they begin to scan Marisol, reminding him he is not alone. She has a cyst and a lump, which Devon hopes to non-evasively biopsy. Devon gives Marisol a voice, telling her makes the choices. Her ovary twisted on itself and emergency surgery is needed. The main surgeon plans on removing the ovary, but Devon states his patient would want the organ saved. They finally find the tumor, but it isn’t a tumor- it is a surgical sponge. Rarely, surgeons will leave things, and the patient had a previous emergency C-section years before. She seems upset at first, but the pain is gone, and her ovary is fine.

Henry and his mother Zoey visit Conrad. Guessing seizure will happen at the end of the episode. Anyways, Henry made MVP for baseball, and got a trophy. Opps… seizure just started… even if Henry claims it wasn’t. They go up to neurology. It seems he has a tic, but it is not a seizure. Brainwaves are perfectly normal. Henry wants to go and visit Nic, who is working at the free clinic with Shaw. Before they enter, Shaw invites Nic out to dinner, but then Henry interrupts to show her his trophy. Conrad and Zoey follow. Shaw makes a comment about Conrad’s cute son, in which Zoey explains they are not together, he is just a doctor/friend, and Conrad and Nic are together. Super awkward. I love it.

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I just gotta note, at the end, when Mina approaches Dr. Bell, and states how “We are Surgeons”. How she talks about all 3 of them. Love the power in her few words. Austin is refusing to perform and Dr. Bell honestly seems shocked at the news. Mina is on the hunt, and I know it will not end well. But I love the fact Dr. Bell refuses to take sides just yet- claiming underlying disease as the cause for Bradley’s death. No one will be happy, but it will give Dr. Bell time. Welp… I am still wondering what is going on with Julian, but cannot wait to see what happens! Comment below your ideas, and until next week, Stay shiny!!!