When you think back on High School, what feelings do you emote?  Is it memories of a better time with great friends or do you remember it as a horrible experience that you would never want to relive?

Watching this episode brought me back to my high school days.  I had always wanted the crew that was there for you and for three years of High School I struggled to find that crew, but finally during the senior year that crew came around me and it was something special, something I’m grateful for. This episode highlights the power of having caring friends.

The Criminal Case


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This episode begins with the criminal case against Bryce concluding. Bryce starts off by expressing his sorrow for what has happened and that he is a changed man.  He wants to move on with his life and begin to show he is a decent member of society.

Jess, on the other hand, pleads with the court to take into account the pain that she has undergone after the brutal rape.  She pleads with the court to make a stand against Bryce and to not let his crime go unpunished.

Sadly, the judge orders Bryce to three months of probation.  This might sound outlandish, but there have been incidents of this exact outcome in real life (David Becker getting two years of probation after rape or Brock Turner for getting 6 months in prison for rape).  You would think that Jess would be outraged, but she isn’t. She is beginning to heal from the ordeal and by coming out she showed courage.

Meanwhile, Justin has been in jail for months waiting for his mom to come back around so that he can be released into her care. Six months go by before he is finally released into the care of Clay’s mom (she has left the firm and is working with Dennis now).

Hannah’s Memorial Service

The memorial

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After the craziness of the trial, we move onto Hannah’s memorial service.  Clay continues to struggle with his anger towards Hannah and he has no idea how he will be able to talk at the service.  After talking to the ghost of Hannah, he is encouraged to not hide what he feels but to express it. After searching for a way to deal with his anger, he comes around and finally is able to constructively express how he feels.  In the end, he is able to reconcile that the anger isn’t bad, but just a part of him.  He finally admits, “I love you and I let you go.”

The crew then retreat to Monet’s (the coffee shop), for the reception.  Everyone is there and it’s a very busy sequence of scenes:

  • Clay asks Justin if he wants to be adopted by Clay’s parents. Justin says yes.
  • Tony and his boyfriend make amends.
  • Jess and Alex decide to go to the dance together and are officially dating.
  • Olivia is leaving town and moving to New York to pursue Hannah’s dream.
  • Ryan is going to Europe for a gap year (not that any of us really cared about him since he’s been absent for most of the season).


Tyler is back after spending months at a camp.  He meets with the new guidance counselor and he is reformed. The camp has turned him around and he’s ready to assimilate back into his normal life. The counselor warns him it will be tough, which he knows, but he hopes for the best and wants to come back.

One of his first connections is Mackenzie.  He invites her to the Spring Fling dance, but she is already going with Eric, her new boyfriend.  Tyler takes it with stride and we think that maybe he has actually changed.

Monte has been stewing with anger. He goes to Bryce after he finds out that Tyler is back, and tries to convince Bryce that they need to take revenge out on Tyler for how he trashed the baseball stadium.  Bryce, who is on probation, shuts down Monte and says he wants nothing to do with it and that he wants nothing to do with Monte (side note, Bryce is going to transfer to another school soon).

Tyler is confronted by Monte in the restroom.  He begins to apologize to Monte for what he did and then Monte breaks. He smashes Tyler’s head into the mirror and then follows it up by slamming his head into the sink.  Tyler falls down and you hope that the attack is over, but it gets much worse.   After plunging Tyler into the toilet a couple of times he grabs a mop and shoves it up his anus.  Yeah, it got really bad.

Tyler goes home broken.  His mom asks how the first day at school went and Tyler lied, saying it was a good day.  Tyler goes to the bathroom and has blood coming out of his rear.   He goes down to the basement and pulls out an arsenal of guns that he has saved. He packs up his gear and heads out towards the school, where the dance is going on.

The Dance

Dance 1

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The crew has all gone to the dance, even Tony’s boyfriend was let in.  They are all having a good time.  Jess shows up with Alex.  Justin and Clay, the new brothers, come together.

As the dance goes on, Justin goes to the locker room and Jess finds him, wondering what he’s doing.  They exchange a couple of words but finally, the sexual tension is broken as Jess undresses and sits on Justin and they presumably have sex, poor Alex.

Things are going well until Clay and Hannah’s song plays.  Soon, the crew comes around Clay to offer support for their friend.  This is the friendship we all wish we had during High School.

Once the moment is over, Mackenzie finds Clay and shows him a text that Tyler left her.  Alarmed, Clay takes off to find Tony.


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Tyler arrives at the school, with his weapons to get revenge.

Clay goes out to stop him, to be his friend.

Cops are on the way.

Tyler wants payback.

Tony shows up in his car.

Tyler hands his gun over to Clay and gets in Tony’s car.

They get away, but Clay has the gun in his hand.

Season Two is over.

The good news, to those that love the show, is there will be a third season.  What will happen?  Where will the series go next year?