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*** This post contains major spoilers for episode 2×10, “The Book of Rebellion-Chapter Three: Angelitos Negros.”

With Jennifer and Khalil still missing, both Team Black Lightning and Cutter are still on their hunts.

Meanwhile, Khalil takes Jennifer to his hideout from Tobias, a train car filled with old drawings he did.

Lynn is still miserable over Jennifer being missing and eventually tells Jefferson on the phone that she heard from Khalil’s father about a safe-house he supposedly has. Team Black Lightning does a search.

Back in the train car, Jennifer is starting to get emotional over what she’s done to her family by running away but the both of them decide they need to learn another language and get out of Freeland.

Lynn meets up with Anissa, Jeff and Gambi to search for Jennifer. Lynn vows that they should search individually to save time. Jeff initially disagrees that’s it dangerous but Lynn convinces him by saying they’re running out of time.

Tobias brings Todd in for dinner where he explains Jazz music to the boy. He tells him Jazz is under-appreciated, just like him. Tobias finally tells Todd why he’s here and that’s to hack something for Tobias. Todd picks up Tobias’ phone and answers Cutters call for him. Cutter wants to know Khalil’s 3 most targeted locations.

During his search, Black Lightning runs into some criminals beating up a homeless man, after disposing of them he asks the homeless man if he’s seen Khalil and Jennifer.

Lynn makes her way to the location, K & J are hiding and delivers a big speech about coming out and coming back home. Jennifer doesn’t come out but she starts to realize that they can’t run anymore and they are in over their heads. Khalil reminds her that Tobias will find him and that they can’t go back. Eventually, Khalil comes to terms that Jennifer should not be apart of this and they finally go back to the Pierce residence. Jefferson has to hold back from beating Khalil’s ass.

Tobias gives the green briefcase computer to Todd for him to hack. Cutter walks in on Todd and Tobias and Todd gives her Khalil’s locations.

At the Pierce house, Khalil apologizes for his actions. Jefferson knows with Khalil on the run that Tobias is looking for him because Khalil can snitch on him. Also, Khalil realizes that Jefferson is Black Lightning. They make a plan for Khalil to turn him-self in.

Jefferson makes a deal with Henderson that allows Khalil (a wanted killer) to talk to his mother before he goes into witness protection.

Tobias finds out Khalil’s move and relays the information to Todd to give to Cutter.

Khalil talks to Jennifer for what he thinks is the last time for a while because of him going into witness protection. Khalil pours his heart out to Jenn. Before he is taken into custody, he apologizes to his mother for all he’s done.

As Khalil is being shuttled away in an armored car, Cutter lies in the middle of the road pretending to be dead, which makes the cars stop. As the swat officer gets out of his car to check on her, she slits his throat and eventually kills all the officers whilst grabbing Khalil.

Lynn relays the news to Jennifer that Khalil has been kidnapped.

Cutter brings Khalil to Tobias. Khalil tells Tobias to stay away from the Pierce girl. Tobias has no beef with the Pierce girl. Tobias does have major beef with Khalil though and rips Khalil’s rebuilt spine right out of his body and holds it up for the world to see. Tobias lays Khalil’s paralyzed body outside the reverends church.

Todd finally breaks into the briefcase. In the briefcase, is evidence of the ASA’s experiments on the metas at the clinic. The episode ends with Tobias grinningly saying, “Now it all begins.”


The mid-season premiere finally ends the book of Rebellion chapter of Black Lightning season 2. While I’m glad Jennifer is finally back home, i felt like K & J’s decision to finally go back home was not as impactful as it should have been after building it up for 3 episodes.

While Lynn has been going through a bit of a depression lately, it was nice to see her as the one who’s message finally got through to Jennifer to come back home.

Eventually Khalil was going to get what was coming for him from Tobias and it was very brutal. Tobias giveth a spine, Tobias taketh a spine.

With only 3 episodes left, it’s time for this season to start really kick into gear for the last chapter.

+ Lynn being the one to bring back Jennifer

– Drawn out on the run arc, with an unimpactful ending

+ Khalil getting his spine ripped out (fatality)

– Limited screen time for Anissa, Gambi, Jefferson

+ Tobias finally cracking the code to the briefcase