The episode picks up in the hospital with Lincoln visiting Sheba. You can see that she is softening on Lincoln especially after what he did to help her. Franklin comes in and asks Sheba if he can borrow Lincoln for a minute. They head to the hallway as a group of people go to see Sheba. Franklin tells Lincoln that ISO is taking neighborhoods by the hour and they all should leave. Lincoln says he can’t leave his brother but Franklin should go. Sheba’s dad comes out of the hospital room and thanks Lincoln for saving his daughter and that he might have a solution to get Michael out of prison. Sheba’s dad takes him to get a signed pardon from the council for Michael in exchange for a fast car. Lincoln and Sheba’s dad head to the prison when you hear explosions and sees that the guards are rushing out. They have to look for the warden, but Lincoln tells Sheba’s dad he needs to get back and get his family on the last outgoing plane and to hold two seats for him and his brother as Lincoln will go into the prison to get Michael.

Ramal, Michael and his cell mates are locked up in solitary. Michael says he was in solitary for four years and he was chipping away in his cell and wanted to know who had an s in their cell. It turns out to be Ramal who didn’t want to help them escape unless Michael begs and maybe he will let him out as a slave. In the yard, Mustafa locks up all the prisoners inside the prison and leaves only one guard. Lincoln unknowingly runs past Mustafa on his way into the prison but it’s locked, and the prisoners tell him that the guard Mustafa who just left has the keys so Lincoln heads after him. The prisoners trying to figure out a plan on what they can do to survive want to use Ramal as a bargaining chip out of the country and start to break into solitary to get to Ramal. With the prisoners trying to get in Ramal finally agrees to work with Michael on an escape plan.

Mustafa is running and ends up around a bunch of soldiers who recognize his outfit as a guard. He can’t talk his way out of it and gets murdered. Lincoln is not able to go and get the keys, but the kids who helped him and Michael in the past arrive. The little boy goes to the men and say an American is around the corner and wants to fight them, the men head over to investigate and the kid grabs the keys off the guard and meets Lincoln at a set spot and gives him the keys. The kid is excited to know that Tic Tac Man knows Bubble Gum Man!

Back to the escape attempt, Michael had things set up but needed help from the cell mate across from him which the other guy would never do. Ramal has a string and spoon to throw over an exposed pipe in his cell. He needs to put the string around to pull it down. After he does that he has to feed the rope through the pipe and have the spoon at the end to use as a fishing line to remove the hinges from Michael’s current cell. While this is going on Syd is getting his ass beat by the prisoners, the guard tries to stop everyone and says that no killing takes place in his prison. The prisoners try to get the guard to join them and give them the key to solitary which he says he doesn’t have. So the prisoners kill him and take his gun.

Ramal tries to pull his own hinges out but Michael says that won’t work as those are newer hinges, he has to release Michael first, and he has to go down the hall and get the keys to let everyone else out. Ramal is reluctant at first but does it. Michael tells Ramal he will let him out if he promises safe passage out of the country. Ramal agrees as the prisoners shoot their way into solitary, they are able to escape and stop to gather some supplies from the infirmary. Michael makes Ramal make a call to honor his part of the bargain. Lincoln gets back to the prison with the key and lets everyone out just in time to see Michael jump over the wall.

The group heads to the safe house that Michael had set up, a few blocks though Jacque stops to eat some fruit and it pisses Lincoln off. He says Jacque is done and they get into a pushing match, after the fight Jacque has a piece of paper that says “our way out is under the work bench”. To further play up the moment he tells Ramal if any of his men see Jacque follow to shoot him. Michael takes them the long way to the safe house to give Jacque time to get guns before they arrive, but Ramal realized it and his men are there and capture Michael and his men. They are about to kill them on camera live when Lincoln arrives and hops onto one of the gunners at the back of a truck and guns some down while one of Michael’s cell mates takes the knife from Ramal and stabs him live on camera. With this news, after getting all to a safe house the news shows the killing from the live stream and the entire army of Isal declared war on Michael and all his men!

Back in the states, Theodore Bagwell and Sara had a lot going on. Bagwell goes after Kellerman and broke into his house. He grabbed a gun from the a drawer. He was upset that Kellerman pardoned everyone from Fox River except him. Bagwell wants to know all the dirt on who is pulling his strings. Sara and Bagwell keep hearing about Poseidan and think that is Kellerman. Kellerman laughs and says that no, he is rogue, and that he wants to get Ramal out of Yemen to help with his ideals since he doesn’t have to answer to anyone. Two bullets come through the window and hit Kellerman. It is the gunman who tried to kill Sara and her family. During this Bagwell got shot in the shoulder and went to the cellar to escape. He did not have an exit but decided to call the cops.

The gunman ask Kellerman where his friend is, he tells them that he ran out the back door, but it is locked from the inside so they know he is inside. Kellerman asks if Poseidan sent them. One of the gunman, we assume, kills Kellerman but without seeing an absolute we can’t be sure. The female gunman finds a window popped out of the cellar and knows that Bagwell got away. Bagwell was hiding in his car and followed the shooters in his car. They stop somewhere in town, so Bagwell gets close by and tries to take a picture of who they are meeting but can’t from his car so he has to get outside. He gets close enough to get a picture of the meeting, and the other person IS SARA’S FUCKING HUSBAND! What? Is he Poseidan? Talk about swerve city I didn’t see that coming!