Hello readers, it’s me again with another episode review!

This episode is all about how Sheldon needs and then makes efforts to get the money for his experimental research on Black holes. As per the conversation among Raj, Howard, Leonard and him, everyone feels the need for Sheldon to prove his theoretical work by experiments and once Leonard gives him the green light, he is all set for his endeavor to raise funds for the same. But wait, he needs half a billion dollars for it!!

It is highly unlikely that any university in the world would raise such a fund for a single project and after getting his proposal denied, Sheldon tried to put all HIS money to work things out. He even goes to Las Vegas and he was moments away from getting his money doubled or tripled or even more, but then he does his stupidity once again and loses that only chance he had to raise money.

Here, Penny, Amy and Bernadette are tangled in their own puzzle for Amy’s wedding dress and that creates a great situation. Girl fans, must watch that part to get ready for similar scenarios in future.

That was all from the episode and we will meet again soon. Have fun, friends.