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Riverdale Season 3: Ep. 9 “No Exit”

Riverdale Season 3 returns with a bang!

Season 3 of Riverdale returned after a short break and “No Exit” turned into one of the best episodes of season 3 yet!

It’s been five weeks since the quarantine began and ended and yet, Riverdale hasn’t returned to normal. However, for Veronica and La Bonne Nuit, business is booming!

Betty’s hiding the kids who ran away from the Sisters of Quiet Mercy in her house. After being woken abruptly, Betty finds fizzle rocks and learns that Tyler, who escaped with her, was sold the drug by an unnamed Serpent. She tells Jughead she’s working with ex-Mayor McCoy to get the Sisters of Quiet Mercy to tell the truth about Hiram. After the sisters take a vow of silence, Betty and McCoy prove that the women have no affiliation with the church and thus force their hand. They have no option but to testify against Hiram.

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Reggie’s beat up while on a beer run for La Bonne Nuit. Hiram told Veronica if she was to continue operating after the quarantine, she would owe him 10% of the earnings and because she hadn’t paid him yet, Reggie was attacked. Veronica doesn’t plan on giving him money that easy, so she cooks the books and thinks she can trick her father into only taking 5%. Hiram knows Veronica cooked the books, so he tells her that if she wants his protection, she has to return the faberge egg Cheryl stole.

Archie’s still in hiding in the Canadian hinterlands. He hasn’t decided if it’s safe to return to Riverdale. While out for a hike with his dog, he gets attacked by a grizzly bear and makes his way back to the cabin to dress his wounds and call for help.

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Jughead tells the serpents that drugs and crime will not be tolerated and anyone who’s caught breaking the law will be exiled from the serpents for ever. However, Cheryl and her girlfriend have been steeling money and other items since the quarantine began. She even stole a faberge egg from Veronica’s mother. When Jughead find out about Cheryl, he’s forced to kick Fangs, Cheryl and T out of the serpents.

Betty finds her sister and Evelyn at home. They’re trying to convince the runways to return with them to the farm. Betty’s sisters informs her that one of the runaways admitted to the serpent, Fangs, selling them the drugs. Jughead and FP confront Fangs, but he promises them he’s done and that he only sold the drugs to pay for his mothers treatments, but Jughead has no choice to kick him out of the serpents along with Cheryl and T.

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Archie wakes after passing out from his wounds to find a group of dead boys, including Cassidy, playing Griffons and Gargoyles in his cabin. Pretty sure that he’s hallucinating, Archie agrees to play one round of G&G with the boys. He later sees a dead Warden Norton who tells him the only way to win the game is to find the correct path and fix decisions he’s already made. The last round of the game, Archie plays with Veronica, Betty and Jughead. They tell him he has to destroy the parts of himself that are weak.

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Veronica makes a deal with Jughead for the serpents protection and in exchange, La Bonne Nuit will give the serpents jobs. Reggie, with the help of the serpents, scares off the gargoyle gang and sends one member back to Hiram with a message… Riverdale has fallen and Veronica is no longer under Hiram’s protection.

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Episode 9 ends with Veronica and Reggie sharing a steamy kiss at La Bonne Nuit, Fangs going undercover to spy on the gargoyle gang for the serpents, Betty returning to the Sisters of Quiet Mercy only to find the sisters are all dead and a park ranger trying to resuscitate Archie. What will happen in episode 10? Stay tuned on TGON!

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