It has been several weeks since this has been able to be said, but the latest episode of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure was phenomenal. Every part of it worked.


Image via Cruchyroll

Pesci had excellently trapped Mista with his fishing line implanted into the air conditioner and was getting close to killing him. Mista counters that then by sending out Sex Pistols riding on bullets and smashing the ice Pesci is using to advert the effects of Grateful Dead. Pesci, panicking, drops his stand and Mista is able to confront him. But Prosciutto, who had been hiding, disguised as someone affected by Grateful Dead grabs hold of Mista and rapidly ages before taking Mista’s own gun and shooting him in the head. With Mista seemingly dead Prosciutto admonishes Pesci for his performance before the pair moves into front of the train where they manage to find the tortoise Coco Jumbo with the Bruno’s gang and Trish inside.


Image via Cruchyroll

Bruno though had hidden himself in the ceiling and, warned by Mista’s Number 6 Sex Pistol, ambushes Pesci and Prosciutto knocking out Pesci and then grabbing ahold of Prosciutto and throwing both of them out of the train in a perfect cliffhanger.


Image via Cruchyroll

This is one of the best fights from the original manga, perhaps because Giorno is not involved, and it is gratifying to see it get the justice it is due. Hardly anything has been cut from the source material and there are no dips in animation quality as even some of the best episodes this season have had. The interplay between Pesci and Prosciutto is particularly enjoyable as Pesci goes through a whole arc throughout the course of the fight. In all honesty,  I wish Pesci had pulled a Speedwagon, Kakyoin, Polnareff, Okuyasu and joined with the heroes going forward. He certainly would be more interesting than Fugo.