I am absolutely in love with this movie. It’s in my top five favorite movies. Odd Thomas is both a book series by Dean Koontz and a movie. The late Anton Yelchin stars as Odd Thomas. Yes, his first name is Odd. Odd’s girlfriend is Stormy Llewellyn played by Addison Timlin. This film even has Willem Dafoe starring in it as Chief Wyatt Porter.

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Odd can see the dead and he does his best to help them. Odd can receive visions from someone who is had a vision if he wants to. He can also see what he calls bodacks. These are creatures who thrive on evil, pain and blood. His mother has the same gifts and openly spoke about them plus she has a wicked temper. She ended up locked away in a psychiatric hospital. Odd learned then and there to share his gift with only a select few. In the movie I only saw him share it with Chief Porter and Stormy.

Odd works as a short order cook. He is amazing at it. He always thrills Viola’s daughters. He and Stormy love each other with a fierce passion that comes across so sweet. They would do anything for each other.

In the opening scene there is who Odd calls Fungus Bob. He is in a dirty pink suit, his hair is wildly unkempt and not very good looking. The bodacks follow him in and follow him out which Odd sees and later goes to investigate. After that Stormy and Odd have a date at the church. Odd sees Fungus Bob and can tell he angry. He and Stormy out run him.

Odd soon finds out the plot to a massacre and it’s a race against time. He finds out who all is involved and goes to stop it. Can he stop it before innocent people die? Who is behind this plot? Watch Odd Thomas and find out. Let me know how you like it in the comments below. Usually it can be found on Netflix. I know it is currently on Hulu. Til next week…

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