Hello hello, and welcome back to the second half of Season 2 of The Good Doctor. My oh my, this second half of a 2 part special really ties up the strings left from last episode, as well as sets up the rest of the season with a decent sub plot and serious character growth potential.

gd 2.10.3

Source: American Broadcasting Company for The Good Doctor.

The episode starts with Shaun curled up on the floor. In case you forgot, Santa Pete needed emergency surgery, but the lobby was quarantined off. Morgan begins treatment under Lim’s guidance, who ends up passing out. She was infected with whatever killed off 2 arriving patients and a paramedic. Realizing medicine was a way to get through to Shaun, Morgan has a nurse relay what is happening with Santa Pete, who slowing becomes less overwhelmed and stands, ready to help Morgan. Luckily, the emergency surgery has no more issues, and the 2 Residents can focus on the others currently in their lobby.

gd 2.11.1

Source: American Broadcasting Company for The Good Doctor.

Keenan, Park’s son, is having an asthma attack, and his inhaler is empty. Park breaks into the quarantine room, and creates a breathing apparatus. Luckily, Shaun and Morgan have another set of hands in the waiting room, but sadly, Keenan and Park seem to be going through something. Communication seems to be the biggest issue. Park begins to prep Bob for a marrow transplant, whose son has cancer and even though the donor could be infected with a deadly illness, he has no chance without the marrow. Ester, an elderly woman who came in to refill her medication, assist Park in the extraction, as she is a retired Vet. She knows basic withdrawal and Park only needs another set of hands. While they are extracting the marrow, Bob talks about how he made a lot of bad decisions, leaving his wife, didn’t know he had a son, and when he was ready to own up to his mistakes, his wife was dead and his son dying. As they pull the marrow, the needle from the IV breaks off, and Bob ends up having a heart attack. Ester visits Chris and explains all his father said during the surgery, and how much the marrow donation meant to him. Park goes and finds Keenan, and explains how his own father taught him to be ‘like stone’ and he viewed his divorce as a failure. He wanted to prove he was a great man, but didn’t want to make the same mistakes as his father did. Of course they hug it out, and Park shows his feelings more. I love Park’s character growth so far this season!!!

Viola, a young woman who came in for stitches to her hand, and is 36 weeks pregnant, begins to go into labor. Luckily an older nurse is on hand, and helps Shaun prepare the introduction of a child into this world. Sadly, the baby is twisted, meaning the head is not facing downward, and needs to be manually corrected. Usually, a C-section would be advised, as moving a baby may mess with the mother internally, or wrap the umbilical cord around the baby’s neck. Suddenly, Viola begins to hemorrhage. Emergency surgery number 2, with an OBGYN standing outside to advise treatment, is about to begin. Shaun is able to remove the baby, but he is not breathing. Shaun freezes, and many think he is getting overwhelmed again, as he has 2 lives and medical protocol would have him save the mother before the child. Instead, he goes and finds Keenan, who begins to perform CPR on the baby while Shaun makes a Barki tamponade balloon to stop Viola’s bleeding from the inside. As the bleeding stops, Shaun can focus on the baby, who has some airway noises, but isn’t breathing- fecal matter ended up in the baby’s lungs.

gd 2.11.2

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Glassman and Lea end up in the friends and family room, waiting to hear from Shaun. Lea comforts Viola’s husband, who just wants to be there for his wife, but Glassman shushes them. Suddenly, the wailing of a baby could be heard- Shaun saved the boy, and everyone congratulates the father. As they are waiting, they discuss the CAT Scan and the implications of the cancer returning. Aaron doesn’t want to tell Shaun, pointing out how last time, he became obsessed with trying to find a fix, and even made a medical error. Lea points out friends do not lie, and mentors even more so. Glassman implies Lea is just there to use Shaun before taking a phone call. It seems it is not cancer, but meningitis and he needs surgery that day. Lea still thinks Aaron should tell Shaun. Shaun takes it well, stating it is good, and meningitis isn’t cancer returning, and may be the cause of his memory loss. I think Glassman realizes just how much Shaun grew in those few words.

Lim is steadily getting worse, as the medications they put her on are working, but not quick enough, and her lungs are becoming worse. Morgan decides to put her on ECMO, letting her lungs rest and the rest of her body a chance to fight off the disease. She spends most of her time working on Lim, and ends up getting a phone call from Melendez, who wants to see Lim, even though she is unconscious. Clearly, Melendez has fallen. Later, alarms begin going off, implying Lim is coding, but as Morgan rushes into the room, she realizes Lim removed the monitor to set the alarm off herself so she could have a glass of water. Once everyone has been cleared of the Virus, Melendez visits Lim, mentioning how he realized how much his life would suck without her there… to harass and drink bourbon of course. She knows what he is implying, but merely says she isn’t sure she is ready to go back drinking yet, and he says he doesn’t mind waiting. I really hope they get together sometime this season. Really good chemistry.


Source: American Broadcasting Company for The Good Doctor.

Now, you may have noticed I didn’t talk about Morgan much, even though she was a big part of the episode- See, she has a lot to deal with now, survivors guilt, and as well as a crack forming in her walls. She has been such a hard ass, take no prisoners character since she joined the team. Still, each week another member chiseled down her walls, making her get in touch with her empathy, Claire especially. There is a difference between being able to relate to someone because you think you understand how they feel, based on what you have studied, and then there is understanding because you have been there. Morgan lost someone she let in, and I am concerned about how her character development will play out this season. That’s all I have for now, until next time, stay shiny!