The outfits on the red carpet at The Golden Globes this year, were slightly disappointing to me. I wasn’t really wowed by many people, and I think it was because of the silhouettes that were chosen. Some gowns didn’t seem very flattering, and I think the choice of ruching and ruffles, were overdone on some. Even the men were lackluster to me. I know some men took risks, but I felt like it was things I had already seen before. I just hope that the celebs bring it for the SAG Awards and the Oscars.

But without further ado, here’s my three choices…

Danai Gurira is wearing a custom Rodarte gown. There were some metallic dresses on the red carpet, but I think Danai’s was the best. It looks really lux on her and the color is fabulous! The detailing on the dress is done just right and the bow isn’t too overdone. It give just the right amount of drama, and I like that it is on the shoulder. And I like that her hair and her jewelry are subtle, so as to not outshine the dress.

Camilla Belle is wearing a custom Jason Wu gown and I think it is super elegant. She also had some metallic detailing, but I think my favorite thing about the gown, is the colors. I love the combo of the dark blue and the bright green. It compliments Camilla’s skin tone and the fit is amazing. What I also think works well, is her makeup. It’s dramatic, and I love that it’s also in that green color. Gorgeous!

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find who made Michelle Yeoh’s gown, but I thought she rocked it. She seems like the type of person who is willing to take a risk with her wardrobe, and I think she does it flawlessly. And being a more mature woman, doesn’t mean a thing. What was so cool about her dress, was that it was green leather! It definitely has that hard and soft element, but it seamlessly compliments each other. The leather flows effortlessly to the lace at the bottom of the dress and for kicks, I liked that we found out that the infamous green ring that she wore in “Crazy Rich Asians,” was actually her ring. And she decided to wear it on the carpet. Super cool.