Hello, and merry New Year. I hope all is well to you and yours, and are excited for the New Year as I am. The Good Doctor returns to ABC January 14th, at 10 pm, 9 c. With the new episodes upon us, let is take a moment to look at the Sneak Preview, as well as reflect on what happened so far, maybe even make some assumptions.

Last episode left us curled up on the floor with Shaun, and the sneak peek begins the same. Santa Pete, as well as all the patients currently in the quarantine, because of two patients who passed away nearly upon arrival in the hospital. No one is certain what might be the cause, but as one of the paramedics who arrived becomes ill with the same symptoms, and all the patients are experiencing a rash, it seems contagious. Hence, the lock down.

gd 2.10.3

Source: American Broadcasting Company for The Good Doctor.

We had a lot of emotional stress, meeting Park’s son who ends up in the lock down, as well as Lim and Melendez sharing a night together before she ends up in lock down, infected. Melendez has a patient who needs a marrow donation, who.. you guessed it, is in the lockdown, and the paramedic who becomes infected and Morgan flirt… and he passes after they planned a date once he got better. Shaun keeps noticing a buzzing noise in the lights, and I think it might be an electromagnetic field reaction. I really do not know a lot about Malaysia,  where the first two patients/victims came from, might have picked up a very weird disease that spreads because of EMFs… I like weird ideas like this… sorry. But I think ever though Shaun is overwhelmed with the stress, focusing on the medical side will draw him back in and set his mind at ease.

Aaron Glassman has had his cancer returned, but he puts it to the side while he and Lea try to deal with the fact Shaun is in lockdown. I won’t lie, I think Lim is gonna die and Melendez is about to be promoted to Head of Surgery but hates the job because he wanted to get it the right way, not with the loss of his longest competition and great friend. And Morgan is gonna go through some issues in the next 3 episodes and Claire is gonna probably slap her to snap her out of the depression she falls into after losing Tyler.

Honestly, I love this show because I never could predict what will happen. They write the stories out so realistically, and unpredictably but natural, not at all forced, all you can really do is sit down and watch how it plays out. I am so excited for how the new episode will unfold, and how the characters will develop through the season. I hope you will enjoy this show and enjoy the reviews. I plan on posting weekly, and hope you enjoy them as well as I do writing them! Stay shiny!