The Girls of The 100

I see people raving about The 100 and how raw and dystopian it is and while both of these points are true, don’t get it twisted when it comes to the real reason why the CW series is so brilliant and why we are all glued to our screens. The female ensemble.

The girls make the show, I’m literally watching it for them (sure, Bellamy is a really great, complex character too, plus he is fine to look at….very fine…ok, I’m stopping now).
Since the premiere of Season 4 is only days away, I’ve decided to make a list with some of my favourite badass moments just to remind everyone what a great academic once said: “Who run the world? Girls!” Obviously, I had to omit many iconic scenes but come here and I will let you in on a little secret *whispering* I will do more of these!

Even after rocky season 3, Clarke is still mvp in my eyes (Can she stop saying sorry to everyone though? She doesn’t owe them anything).
The moment I knew Clarke was the real deal and shouldn’t be messed with, is this:


Remember when that Azgeda prick didn’t get the memo about not questioning the queen and Lexa went full on sparta on him? I’m still recovering.


This is my favourite Octavia moment ever. I don’t even have anything to add, it’s that simple. I’m sure she was channeling her inner Warrior Princess Xena.



While I didn’t necessarily care for Raven when she was first introduced, I absolutely fell in love with her when this scene came up. Here she is, 5 minutes on earth, challenging the camps’ boss and not even blinking once after he threatens her and forcefully grabs her by the neck. Knife skills goals. Teach me your ways, mechanic.


Honorable mention: Luna 

“I didn’t flee the conclave because I was afraid I would lose. I fled because I knew I would win.”

…Nuff said!


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