After a disappointing break and re-cap episode, JoJo Fridays are back again!


Image via Crunchroll

Bruno and his gang, having successfully retrieved the key they were instructed about making their way to the train station, where they will board it to travel to Florence. Before they do they have to pick up an item that will allow them to travel inconspicuously. It is then in a short stand that two incredibly unique stands are revealed. The first, from one of my personal favorite minor villains across the whole series, is the fishing rod Beach Boys. The concept that a fish rod could somehow be a superpower is bizarreness that I come to JoJo for. A villain doesn’t have super strength or speed, just a magic fishing pole. Next is Mr. President, the stand ability that will allow Bruno’s gang to travel safely, which is a small room that sits within the key when the key is placed upon a turtle’s shell.


Image via Crunchroll

The final stand revealed in the episode is The Grateful Dead which produces a noxious fume that ages people into their twilight years but with a speed based upon their body temperature. While the gimmick is interesting, Giorno figures it out far too quickly for it not to seem like sloppy writing.

There were three noticeable differences between the episode and the manga. The first is quite understandable as the anime has never been one to show nudity before.  The second is probably the most meaningful where Mista and Fugo discuss the terrible consequences that could befall them for checking Trish out. The final is my most missed part where upon entering the Turtle/Key room the gang does not find a working TV and wonders how it is able to function. It provides some of the levity that previous JoJo parts had but that Part 5 is most lacking on.


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This episode also features a new ending, at least visually. More fitting to the part than the previous one this ending has plants growing over a carved mural of the main cast. Unfortunately, the ending song has not changed.