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Roseanne “No Country For Old Women” Was Classically Funny

Season 10 of Roseanne has been a rocky journey with episodes either missing the mark and the jokes not landing or surrounded by too much controversy to be enjoyable, so when an episode comes along that reminds us of the original run. It isn’t nostalgia or which characters are present, but more how natural the writing flows and real the interactions feel, and that’s why this episode felt like a home run.

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Bev is back and central to the storyline and her presence has helped Jackie be more present and developed, which was lacking early in the reboot. Roseanne and Jackie’s struggle of how to handle their mother and doing what’s right versus what’s easy was a realistic introspection to today’s working class families and hit close to home for a lot of people. Right down to Bev’s guilt trips and threats to kill herself to “spare them” which just rang entirely too true for us to not laugh.
Roseanne – ABC

Roseanne’s uber-ing continues to be a fun source of hilarity and her passengers are passably recognizable! As was Bev’s elderly hookup, but guest stars don’t make a show, the regulars do. And everyone was in fine form, even Dan handled his quips about Bev and interactions with Mark with more fire than he started with. The o ly low performer was Darlene on her soap box about individuality when Mark botched the birdhouse with “creativity”, but luckily the kid can learn onnhis own and was able to maje a comeback with a minor twist to compromise.

Roseanne – ABC

Alls well that ends well but we hope we see Nancy and Crystal make more cameos in season 2, because the forced scenes don’t give them time to do them justice, and we’re here for them and the rest of the episodes being as good as this one.

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