As you seen in the previous episode, Sabrina left a mess to clean up from the dead. It was Harvey who had to put Tommy back in the grave ,and Sabrina’s friends had learned that Sabrina could possibly be a witch. which lead us into this episode. Ms.Wardwell explained how she didn’t notice the signs of trouble coming during the storm. It was before witch hour that Ms.Wardwell discovered that Sabrina was indeed fulfilling the Dark Lord’s prophecy. Roz talked to her nana about Sabrina possibly being a witch, which she assured that she was through her cunning. It worried her because she was told that it was witches that cursed their family with blindness, but it wasn’t’ the Spellman family. Her nana also warned Roz that the 13 witches were coming. This made Susie and Roz pry the truth out of Sabrina, so that they know that they aren’t crazy. I was actually surprised that her friends that her friends was still there to comfort Sabrina after all of the lies and deception, but I wasn’t the only one. Ms.Wardwell was also in shock how her friends stood by her in her own storm that she created, but she planned to break it u because the Dark Lord was losing patience with her. I find it ironic how Ms.Wardwell is so good at attempting to micromanage Sabrina’s life by making it seem like she is all for her well being when she is actually up to no good.

Hell began to rain in Greendale when Ms.Wardwell summoned the 13 witches who were hung and betrayed by their own kind. The witches were ordered to walk the land and get revenge during witch hour. Ms.Wardwell called them “sisters” and at first I couldn’t figure out exactly why would she revive them on a certain night to destroy Greendale. Susie was awoken by the voice of her ancestor who knew who the witches were because she buried them on their land after discovering that no one would cut them down from the tree. It was when Ambrose and his mate discovered the witches in the forest performing a sermon that he had no clue about the the trouble that was heading their way. One of the 13 told Ambrose to warn the Church Of Night about their arrival. I had wondered if it was specifically the Church Of Night, the citizens of Greendale, or both that killed the witches. For that reason, Father Blackwood called an emergency meeting to announce that he would protect his members in the academy to escape the wrath of the witches, but Zelda and Sabrina concluded that it would be best to stay and protect the town. This also shocked me because Zelda had always been strict about interfering with mortal affairs. Also because she had a lusty relationship with Father Blackwood, So I assumed that she was going to stand by him in his decision.

To help protect the mortals, the Spellman’s caused a tornado warning to get all of the citizens in the basement of Baxter High School. While the others had listened to the warning, Sabrina’s friends decided to stay at home to be with their loved ones. Zelda was eventually teleported by Faustus because Lady Blackwood went into labor at the worst time possible. She left Sabrina, Hilda, and Ms.Wardwel to protect the mortals even though we knew that wasn’t her true intentions. It brought out the simple fact that Ms.Wardwell is very good at pretending , she pretended to help Sabrina by lowering her into signing her name in the book of beast. Sabrina was told that after signing her name that it was up to her to stop the 13 and Crimson Rider. I’ll admit, it was pretty smart of Ms.Wardwell to cause chaos to the city just to get Sabrina to discover her path of night. With great power, she was able to destroy the 13 by burning them with hellfire freeing the mortals of the disastrous death.

The episode ended with the birth of Lady Blackwood’s twins and the death of Constance. During her labor, she bleed out more than usual causing her to go weak, which resulted in death. It was said that Mrs.Blackwood was going to birth twin boys, but she actually birthed a boy and a girl. Zelda lied to Mr.Blackwood about one of the twins not being able to survive so that she could protect from him. Father Blackwood claimed Judas as the son that will be his heir while Zelda seretly raises his baby girl. I noticed that Zelda wasn’t fighting for Father Blackwood anymore, I wondered what made her finally see him as the hypocritical and crooked.high priest that he is. I also felt bad for Prudence because her father barely acknowledges her as his daughter and now that he has a newborn son, it’s for certain that that he will try his best to be there for the child. I also thought that it was very odd that he showed no remorse when Constance passed away during the delivery of his children. What kind of love is that? Besides life and death, In this episode Ms.Wardwell revealed how ugly she is under the face of Ms.Wardwell’s body. She plans to groom Sabrina to take her place as a foot soldier for the Dark Lord while she claims her throne next to his as the queen of hell, but her familiar informed her that the queen of hell could possibly be Sabrina. Maybe the mother of demons did a dumb thing by getting her to sign her name in the book of beast, but we will have to find out next season.]