With the big storm everyone is thrown all over the place, we are now getting an update on Morgan. Morgan ends up finding shelter in the back of a big rig. Figuring that is the best place for shelter right now, which isn’t a horrible guess. Inside he finds a lot of boxes of supplies, the boxes have the tag lines of, “take what you need, leave what you don’t.” He looks inside and finds toy trucks, and a switch blade knife, water and food. He FINDS A PROTEIN BAR!!! A peanut butter protein bar! Sweet sweet justice oh my! He eats and takes a snooze, he is awoken in the morning to a sound of a walker trying to get inside he kills the walker and he sees nothing but sun and clear skies. He gets out and doesn’t recognize where he is. He ends up at a truck stop known as ‘The Flip-Flop TruckStop in Mississippi!

Morgan goes inside and sees that the coffee pot light is on, he goes and turns it on and finds a light switch, all of the lights inside the truck stop turns on. He hears radio static so he goes to the radio and talks to someone on the other line. It is dispatch calling for someone they know. When Morgan tells the voice he thought he hitched a ride and ended up at this truck stop. She asked which one and he said in Mississippi she said that is farther than she thought, but he knows the rules take what you need leave what you don’t, he tries to get more details but she doesn’t respond.

Morgan makes himself at home and ends up in the restroom in the accessible stall, he is doing his business while reading a magazine and hears a shotgun load up a bullet telling him to get out. He asks if he can finish and sees a man in a wheelchair asking why he is using that stall. Morgan says to be honest it always looked like a mini apartment. Back inside the man is asking Morgan who he is and other questions. Morgan says he was talking to someone on the radio, the man doesn’t believe it and a female of a different race says oh dispatch must not have mentioned to me or my brother we had a visitor.

They seem nice, asking where he is going and if they can give him some supplies to get back. They play off that all these trucks are something they pack and give to other people. The duo does seem off, as the man in the wheelchair is having trouble with trucker sayings. But Morgan says they are not many good people doing what they are doing out there anymore, he asks if they have others, but sees they won’t tell him and says they don’t have to.

Morgan begins his 400 mile journey back to Texas in the car, he gets to the bridge that he asked the duo about, and he starts hearing voices. He has a battle in his mind and he finally calls back to the truckers on the radio and says the bridge is out, and he is going to come back to them, and wants to know if they will drive him to Virginia. However the bridge is not out! Morgan has decided to abandon his friends. The truckers tell Morgan which mile marker to meet them and he heads on his way. Morgan stops to check a mile marker and sees a man with his hands tied behind his back and a sack on his head running away from walkers in the field.

Morgan goes to save the man, who is sort of a tool. He is a brew master, he was living and making beer the entire time, and the people were fans of his work and went to go see if he had any stock left and finding him was an added bonus so they tried to kidnap him to brew beer. Morgan asks if the guy will go to Virginia with him, after thinking about it, and how this could be his big break to be rich, a chance he missed out on with the state of the world now, he is all for it. He thinks with all new people and opportunities he can be rich, that they have to have a battering system or he will make one, and that beer is important to rebuild. Morgan says he is meeting up some people who are going to drive him back.

When Morgan gets to the truck he asks on the radio where they are, they say they are in the back and the guy, Jim, freaks out recognizing the voice and tries to escape. They obviously do not escape and are tied and thrown in the back of the truck. They try to get Morgan to spill the beans on where in Virginia this place is at but he won’t, so they decide to just start driving towards Virginia thinking he will change his mind.

The truck full of supplies and things to brew beer is to heavy and needs to offload some freight. They do it near a bridge, Jim thinks that he can make the beer work and decides to work with them and is let go. Some walkers are approaching from the creek bed and the others get scared, Jim runs to get a piece of equipment offloaded from the truck for brewing and knocks Morgan, who still has his hands tied behind his back, down the ravine. Morgan has to hustle to get on top of an abandoned vehicle.


Someone called for a pack of assholes? Photo Credit:Ryan Green/AMC

The others ask Morgan again where this place is, and they have to give them directions so they will save him. Morgan gives fake directions, but the group refuses to go down and save Morgan and they leave him to die surrounded by the walkers. Morgan is up there for many hours as it becomes nighttime. He finally decides to make a run for it after he tries to kick walkers faces to death and loses a shoe. He runs and jumps and has a very difficult time running uphill. He notices one of the help boxes near and knows it has a knife inside. He goes to get the knife to free his hands, uses it to kill a couple walkers and then finds an awesome sign and starts hitting homers all over walker heads.

Morgan tells the truckers that they are wrong, the help boxes really do help people. They cross paths again, the truckers realize that Morgan gave them bogus directions after traveling hundreds of miles. Morgan is now calling the shots and says they are going to drive to pickup some people and make some stops along the way. He says that they are going to take the truck back to Texas, he tries to tell someone on the radio about what they are doing. Nobody responds though, the drop boxes were always at mile markers ending at 4 and he makes the group drop more at mile markers ending in 4.


Lady go find some medication in those boxes! Photo Credit: Ryan Green/AMC

However someone at a truck stop hears the chatter and knows they are heading to Texas. She has a walker named Purvis that is in the truck stop with her, she obviously must have known him. She tells Purvis they are going to Texas with a very creepy smile. I’m guessing Purvis was the driver of the truck left for dead and this lady is a fellow truck driver.