It’s Arrow time! Photo Credit: Arrow/CW

Part 3 of the Crossover Event The Invasion! This episode takes place on Arrow. I won’t be shy to say this might have been the dullest episode of the bunch.

The Flash Recap

I enjoyed Supergirl, truth is that was the first time I have seen the show, it was nice to learn a little about Kara and great to see Martian Manhunter, obviously I was confused to some of the story lines and was wondering if I could find another hour to add another hour of TV watching a week. I regular watch Flash which was fantastic this week, obviously I watch Arrow regularly and I have taken a liking to Legends of Tomorrow from the beginning as it had some of my favorite characters from other shows. That leads into my happiness to see some previous characters make a return in this episode, if it was ultimately short lived.

We see the group of five in some sort of individual alien mind control pods on the ship. We follow Oliver Queen, in what looks to the regular viewer to be a fantasy land. In this “reality” Oliver Queen is at home with his sister, and both of his parents are alive and he is engaged to Laurel, who is also alive. He has some memory flashes and some irregularities and is not quite sure what is happening. His new life seems perfect, a little to perfect and he is about to take over the family business. A building in the center of town, Smoak technologies seems to be out of place to Oliver who can’t quite pinpoint it. He seems to get more and more flashbacks when he happens to touch someone who has a different reality in his life.

Him and his dad were out and about when approached by a mugger who wanted their jewelry, Oliver tries to stop him when a Green Arrow comes and saves the day. When Oliver has a chance he goes to the Arrow base and scares Felicity who in this reality doesn’t know that he knows. Arrow comes and tells him he has to leave, Oliver tries to say who he is and they say they know who he is, he needs to leave he has everything. Oliver says he knows who the Arrow is, it’s John Diggle, and starts to give facts about his life and Felicity’s life effectively scaring them. John tells him again he just needs to go back he has everything in life and he is getting married tomorrow. Oliver understands and takes his advice.

Oliver storms into Laurel’s room, who Sara says is bad luck, but Oliver insists on having a moment. He wants to apologize for not showing up last night at the dinner walk through. He says he was with someone last night which reminded him that he has everything in life already, which I think is actually a dangerous thing to say to your fiance, but I move on. He says he wants to get married right now, forget the ceremony right there right now. Laurel says they can’t because they have so many guests and his parents have spent so much money on this wedding.

Oliver goes downstairs and people ask him if he is going to get his suit on for the big day. Oliver ends up talking with John Diggle, who says after Oliver left he started getting, and Oliver says memories? They talk about the Smoak building seeming out of place and they believe they are in a shared dream and have to figure out how to escape, they try to remember who else was there with them. At the party they talk with Sara Lance, and get her to try to remember anything before all this. She has a flash of the team up and how Ray Palmer, and Thea was also there too. Sara goes up to Ray and Felicity who are married in this time line and asks if she can steal Ray for a bit. They talk and after being asked Ray says that yes something does seem wrong, Felicity is not his fiance. While this is happening Oliver talks to Thea, who does know what is going on, but refuses to admit it or want to leave. She thinks this reality is better than the reality, and it is a reward for all of the sacrifices they made to get where they are. Oliver says he didn’t do it for a reward and it’s time to go back because the team needs their help. Thea refuses and wants to stay, so the remaining four meet out front to go to the Smoak technologies building.

They are confronted by enemies of the past, Malcolm Merlyn, Deathstroke, Ghost and Slade Wilson’s army. They are able to kill them all in singles combat and continue on towards the Smoak building. Upon arriving they do find some weird portal orb thing and all individually walk through it. When they do they are awoken from the mind control and are able to escape the pods. During the battle John Diggle suffered some rib wounds which hurts in the real world, the team tries to escape the space ship and Ray Palmer thinks the layout must be the same as usual aircraft and is wrong and they go face to face with Dominators. Oliver happens to find a gun near which happens to be pretty universal and is able to take out some aliens. They run to escape and find the smaller ships. They all pile into a five seat ship and try to find out how to operate it. After some trial and error Thea puts her hand on a pedestal and it seems to start up and have it’s own autopilot. The ship heads off into space followed by a bunch of Dominators who are shooting at them. The ship seems to have auto dodge and is able to escape for the most part, when they are hitting the climax of danger the Wave Rider is able to find their location and pull them in with a tractor beam and escape with super speed away from the Dominators. While on board John goes to see Gideon at medic bay. Ray takes the team to the main control room and asks Gideon to translate a saying he heard two Dominators say to each other on the ship which she loosely translates to the weapon is near completion.

Back on earth, not a whole lot happened, Supergirl, Flash, and the Green Arrow recruits minus Evelyn Sharp, are on the hunt for clues and some alien tech. They find the location of the tech and Wild Dog doesn’t like meta humans with super powers and goes in ahead of the others as he thinks they cant be trusted. He tries to fight the culprit with the tech in her arm but is getting destroyed when he is saved by a meta human from being shot and changes his stance. Supergirl and Flash team up to totally dominate the person to take the tech.


With that we are ready for the final showdown with the Dominators for the fate of earth on Legends of Tomorrow. Photo Credit: DC’s Legends of Tomorrow/CW