As seen in episode 8, a mysterious figure that appeared to be Tommy knocked at the Kinkle’s door in a very creepy way. We saw that Tommy has returned, but he isn’t the same loving, caring, and happy Tommy that he was before his death. His lack of speech loss and lack of animation are caused by Sabrina killing Agatha and bringing her back to life. She was told that the spell would work if a life was spared for a life, but the earth was owed a body. Without a body, an imbalance between the realms occurred and has caused Harvey more hurt than ever before. Sabrina constantly made it her mission to make her loved ones happy even if that means killing another witch, which she didn’t believe in before because she fought against the weird sisters for doing the exact same thing. I had thought that the weird sisters would’ve learned their lesson, but I guess not. Sabrina loves to have her cake and eat it too, but she had to face the fact that her good deed had turned into bad luck for her in her family. I can understand why Sabrina wants to have it all, but in this episode, she found out that life doesn’t work that way. You can’t cheat death, you can’t manipulate people to be happy, but you can be apart of the solution. In a way, she was being selfish for doing what she did. Through this season she displayed a tremendous amount of strength and courage, but it seemed like it was no match for the hurt that Harvey felt. She didn’t want to be the one who has to watch Harvey be destroyed over the loss of his brother and know that she is the cause of his death, but Tommy was hurting too. He might not have been mentally and physically abused the way Harvey was, but he did sacrifice his life and dreams so that Harvey could have a better one. Tommy is back, but he’s not Tommy. He won’t eat, he won’t speak, and he won’t engage with his family. Harvey believed that it was all just some medical complications from being in the mines, but it’s Sabrina’s fault. As much as she didn’t want to admit it, Ambrose was right.

Sabrina kept trying to convince Ambrose that Tommy was fine even though it was a lie, she didn’t want to feel shame for what she did, Things really started to get messy when Sabrina was informed by Nick that Agatha was vomiting the soil that she was buried in. The illness is another consequence for the earth not having a sacrificed body. Eventually, the sisters had to come clean to Father Blackwood because Agatha stumbled in the Academy’s choir session and fell on the floor, It was the worst timing because the priest of the night just appointed Zelda with his wife’s position. We know that Zelda cares far too much about what the Church Of Night thinks of her family. She already expresses the shame that she feels for harboring Ambrose who is a felon in the church of night eyes, Hilda is excommunicated for witnessing the Catholic baptism of Sabrina, and Sabrina continues to push the envelope by doing things that she’s not supposed to do. Instead of having Father Blackwood take care of the situation, she offered to discipline Sabrina herself. If you think that’s messy you couldn’t have caught what Father Blackwood said to Zelda. In the previous episode, Zelda revealed that Constance is having twin boys, but manwhore Blackwood decided to make Zelda his children’s night mother. So, not only is he sleeping around on his pregnant wife, but he has made the mistress his night mother. It did bring Zelda much joy, but now her little fantasy land of pleasure will be over thanks to Sabrina.

To add to the drama, Roz had another vision, but this time, Tommy Kinkle’s body was being torn apart by dogs. It then sparked concern in Sabrina for the Kinkle’s safety. Roz’s loss of eyesight was said to be a family curse, but it’s a blessing to Sabrina. One lady who was also a blessing in this episode was Hilda. She stopped the high school jocks from bullying Susie at the bookstore that she works at and went to the Academy to help heal Agatha. After discovering Agatha’s illness and her whereabouts in the main pits. Hilda speculated the reasons why she was there in the first place. Ambrose was asked what happened that made the want to collect a body. As bad as he wanted to keep Sabrina’s secret he had to spill the beans for her help. At least he didn’t lie to her for the need to protect a secret that is causing chaos to both mortals and witches. If Sabrina really didn’t want to commit to a sacrifice she shouldn’t have lied to Hilda. I understand why she would want to hide something like that form Zelda, but not Hilda. Prior to her and her peers casting the spell, she specifically asked Hilda about the soil in their yard and about returning the dead. It was then that Hilda warned Sabrina not to play with the dead. Out of all people to keep out of the loop Hilda shouldn’t have been one of them because she is always supportive of Sabrina and fights for her when there is a mess. Sabrina said that Agatha’s illness would pass, but what about the fate of the Spellman family if there is no life for life. I’ve always felt that Hilda has been underestimated because of her soft exterior and she isn’t mean like Zelda, but when it comes to the safety of her family she is not the woman to mess with.

Roz helped Sabrina with Tommy by getting a better connection through touch. This time when Roz had a vision, Tommy was alone in a fog, but she heard a baby crying. What made her not want to see anymore was the sight of Sabrina as a Zombie. At first, I thought, well maybe Sabrina would have to sacrifice herself for Tommy, but it was deeper than that. As much as witches try to hide amongst the mortals, their world’s have collided and becoming more difficult to not expose their coven. Hilda informed Sabrina that it isn’t so easy to fix the mess that she caused like she thinks it is. Soul separation is what Tommy had suffered from, but I don’t think getting Roz involved was such a good idea at that point in the episode. Even Susie is being exposed to the witch world through her ancestor. She appears to be talking to herself, but she is actually communicating with a close ancestor that she learned about. The ancestor asked if the Spellman’s are still witches, this opened Susie’s mind up to a whole world of different possibilities. She might even think that Sabrina is responsible for her Uncle Jesse’s death.

Ambrose later brought Sabrina and Hilda down to show them a corpse that has bite marks from Tommy on them which caused her to rush to the Kinkle’s home. The reason why Tommy refused to eat food was that he feasts on flesh and if he ever got hungry again he could’ve eaten his family. Instead of eating, Tommy strangled his father for punching Harvey. Since his resurrection, it was the only time Tommy had shown actually living in his body. Sabrina faced major heat from her family for what she had done, but she stands firm in what she believes in. Without the help of anyone in the family, Sabrina was left to turn to Ms.Wardwell. She informed that limbo would spell disaster for her. He still wanted to continue with the process because she believed that Harvey would do the same thing for her in a heartbeat. Sabrina’s promises weren’t fulfilled when she failed to obtain Tommy’s soul. When she entered the limbo from the help of Ms.Wardwell and also saw her mother. What really confused me was when her mother said that “they” took her when she was born. Without a soul, Tommy would’ve suffered at the hands of the other witches. The soul eater made sure of it that his soul couldn’t be reached. After failing, Sabrina was forced to tell Harvey that she is a witch…… again. Roz and Susie’s exposure to her realm caused them to put the pieces together and conclude that she may be a witch even though she didn’t get the chance to tell them yet. Maybe if Sabrina would’ve accepted Tommy’s deatht, Harvey wouldn’t have hurt as bad as he did the second time. Sabrina’s news to Harvey caused him to hurt even more knowing that he has to go back to the grave. In the end, Harvey had to pull the trigger and free Tommy from being a zombie for the rest of his reborn life. This episode was very emotional and dragging on the truth that Sabrina tried to hide from her mortal friends. All of the cats were pulled out of the bags, except Salem and whomever Sabrina’s mother is referring to when she said “they”. I guess she meant her aunts, but it could be someone else, we will have to wait to find out.