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Over the summer I had finally some time to watch some more tv, and especially some series. And then I am not talking about those ones that are a hype now or were a couple of years back, but I’m talking about a less well-known series. I came across Ordeal By Innocence, a series broadcasted during April of this year. It is based on the Agatha Christie novel of the same name and is the third English-language filmed version.

In the three episodes long series, it is Christmas 1954. Wealthy philanthropist Rachel Argyll is murdered at her family estate Sunny Point. Her adopted son Jack Argyll is arrested for her murder, but he strongly protests his innocence. He claims that there is a witness who can prove his innocence. But before his case can go to trial, he is brutally murdered in prison. 18 months later, Rachel’s husband Leo is getting ready to marry his secretary Gwenda Vaughn, when a stranger visits the estate and claims to be Jack’s alibi. What follows is a story waving through the past and present with one main question: was Jack innocent or not?

The cast consists out of the following actors and actresses:
– Bill Nighy as Leo Argyll, Rachel’s husband
– Anthony Boyle as Jack Argyll, son and accused murderer
– Anna Chancellor as Rachel Argyll, murder victim
– Morven Christie as Kirsten Lindstrom, housekeeper
– Crystal Clarke as Tina Argyll, daughter
– Christian Cooke as Mickey Argyll, son
– Alice Eve as Gwenda Vaughn, secretary
– Matthew Goode as Philip Durrant, Mary’s husband
– Ella Purnell as Hester Argyll, daughter
– Eleanor Tomlinson as Mary Durrant, daughter
– Luke Treadaway as Doctor Arthur Calgary, Jack’s potential alibi
– Brian McCardie as Bellamy Gould, chief detective

Many of the reviews given on the internet seem to follow one of two lines, either they love it or they dislike it because they find that it ‘ruined the foundation of this classic work’. For me personally, I just loved it without having read the original book. It felt like it was actually shot in the 1950s because the setting looked great! I also liked that they used the reversing clock to announce that the following scenes looked back in time. For me it is a mystery with lots of twists and turns to the very end, supported by a fine cast.