Allison and Raymond

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  I believe that we were all confused when we first saw Allison with a new boo especially before Luther. At the beginning of this episode, we were graced with the romantic love story of Allison and Raymond. When Allison was brought back in 1961 she faced the harsh reality of discrimination. This lead Allison into the local beauty salon where she eventually met Raymond. Even though she couldn’t speak for weeks, Raymond spoke her love language. I think these two are wonderful together. 

     Allison had to tell Raymond the truth before she would run him away. As I predicted before, Allison’s powers became a huge advantage to the civil rights movement because o her ability to fight back. Not only was she able to make oppressors cater to her every need, but she also got revenge on the racist who spilled hot coffee on her the night of the sit-in. I was happy to see Raymond accept this side of Allison.

Five’s Next Job

It’s suspicious how nice and merciful the handler is to number Five. I was certain that she would try to kill him, but she had something worse up her sleeve. The handler offered to help Five and the others get out of the current timeline to prevent doomsday if he assassinated the twelve board members of the commission. When she sent Five on a mission, she convinced the Swedish men to go after Diego and the rest of the family. The Swedes managed to brutally kill the Umbrella Academy’s ally, Elliot. This innocent character didn’t deserve the treatment he received, but the two brothers left had to leave a message.

Klaus The Cult Killer

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Klaus had a hard time coming clean to his cult about his charade and Ben didn’t make it any easier when he possessed him. As many times as Klaus tried to convince his followers that he was a sh**y person, they managed to turn him into a more inspirational leader. I thought it was cute that Ben had a crush on one of Klaus’s followers, Jill. It’s torture for him to be dead and in love while he watches Klaus drink his precious life away. I wonder if sometime in this season the family will be able to bring Ben back to life.

The Family Supper

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Sir Hargreeves had enough of the family sticking their noses in his business, so he decided to invite them to his headquarters. He seemed dumbfounded about adopting children later on in the future. This made me wonder what possessed him to do it in the first place and how did he know that they would have special abilities. When the family asked for help, he pushed them away and said that they should band together if the end of the world was really going to happen. It was sad to see Sir Hargreeves tear down Diego for accusing him of assassinating JFK. This explains his typical a** hole mentality.

      He didn’t take the family of superheroes seriously, but fancied number Five the most. Five tried to get his father’s help one more time because he didn’t want to make a deal with the handler. While discussing the wonders of time travel, Sir Hargreeves advised Five to start small before he takes huge leaps into time, which is why he is always at the end of the world. Five had no choice, but to do the handler’s bidding by killing all of the board members.

Will Vanya and Sissy Run Away Together?

  Vanya doesn’t have a good history of lovers, but I thought that Sissy was different. She used her for her own selfish needs just like Oswald the only difference is that she genuinely loves Vanya. Sissy explained that society has no love for women like them. While I watched this scene I couldn’t help, but admire how much society has evolved with the LGBTQ+ community. There is still a lot more work to be done, but I couldn’t imagine living in a time where your sexuality made others so helpful. This is still an ongoing issue, but love conquers all. Vanya proposed that she, Sissy, and Harland could run away and be together. Sissy knows she will never be happy with Carl, so she accepted the agreement not knowing that Carl was in the woods watching them.

Rating: 5/5

I loved this episode because it’s filled with drama. I loved the intro of Allison and Raymond’s love story and how she used her powers to help the movement. She won’t be able to stay in the timeline forever, so I’m curious as to what she will do when she is back in 2019. In 2019 Raymond will also be an older man, I don’t think she thought about that before marrying him. Nevertheless, I love these two, sorry Luther. My favorite scene from this episode was when Sissy and Vanya decided to be together. Even though Carl caught them in the act, I know Vanya will not let him have his woman. This conflict could lead to Vanya using her powers to kill him. I’m also looking forward to seeing how the family will handle the Swedish brothers after they wrote Oga For Oga on the floor with Elliot’s blood. This season has delivered everything I’ve expected so far, I’m looking forward to the finale and hopefully another season.