The Christmas season is upon us and most shows have the obligatory holiday episode and Million Little Things won’t be left out.



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It’s been a couple months since Jon’s suicide, and the holidays are quickly approaching.  In order to help her out during the holiday season, the crew gets together to help her out. First, they go to the Christmas tree lot to help Delilah and the kids pick out a tree.  While there, Delilah slipped on some ice, and all the guys surround her to make sure that the baby and she are OK. The kids are there and still don’t know about the baby, so they are confused why the guys are so attentive to their mom.

They get home and decorate the house. While decorating, Delilah reveals that she is having some pain and there is some minor spotting.  Eddie, the concerned father, takes Delilah to the hospital, just to make sure that she’s OK.  They told the kids that they had to get more sparkling cider, but when Sophie went to the pantry, she found four bottles. Knowing that something didn’t add up, she tracked her mom’s phone to the local hospital. Sophie takes off to find her mom.

She asks the doctor where her mom is at, and the doctor said that she’s doing fine and that the baby is also well.  She confronts her mom with the recently acquired news, and her mom tells her why she kept it from her.  Sophie, instead of being upset, is excited and recommends naming the baby after her dad, Jon.

Christmas celebrations are back in full force.  Sophie dressed up in the Santa costume.  Eddie and she grab their guitars and begin to play Christmas tunes.  Everything is going well until it doesn’t.

The doorbell rings.

Delilah answers it.

Delilah is served and has twenty-one days to vacate the house.

Shocked and not know what to do, she turns to the one person that she has a complicated relationship with, Katherine.


In the previous episode, Maggie finally broke down and started chemotherapy for her breast cancer.  This week we find out in the beginning that she doesn’t want anyone to know about her decision until she knows it’s in remission.

The crew gets together and Maggie shows up.  Delilah, trying to help out Gary and Maggie, ask them to get another string of lights.  They agree to go, but there is obvious tension between the two.

At first, Gary tries to soften the mood by singing in the car, but Maggie just turns the volume down.  While at the Christmas tree lot picking up the lights, a guy cuts in front of them.  The two then begin to berate the man in front of them until they break him down and he lets them go first.  This moment is important because it bonded the two again.

When they get back in the car Maggie finds a scarf in Gary’s car. He makes up an elaborate story about his elderly neighbor and him having a crazy night together. Maggie says that she is going to keep it now, but as we guessed it was Ashley’s scarf. This is confirmed by Delilah when she said that it looks like the same scarf that she gave Ashley last year at Christmas.

Gary and Maggie leave together.  When they get back in the car, Gary confesses that he had sex with Ashley, but he did it because he loves Maggie.  Upon hearing this Maggie pukes in his car.  Thrown off a little, Gary pulls up her sleeve and sees the scar from the IV and asks Maggie if she’s getting chemo. She confirms that she is and the two start making-out (kinda gross since she just puked, but to each their own).


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Gary shows up to her chemo session to support her like Jon supported him. He even brings the picture that Jon gave him to look at during his chemo sessions.

Misc Plotlines

  • Gina pursues Rome the entire episode. She’s determined to have some sexy time with her husband, but he keeps being distant.  Finally, he admits that the pills are affecting his ability to get an erection. She is patient with him, but he says that he wants to get off the pills.
  • Eddie agreed to go on tour with his band, and at the end of this episode he leaves and the crew shows up to send him off.
  • Asley continues to work to help Delilah and family, but to no avail.  In the final scene of the episode, there is a flashback scene of Ashley and Jon going to the apartment complex that Ashely keeps going back to. Jon leads her into one of the apartments and as the door closes he says that he isn’t who everyone thinks he is, and then the two start to kiss as the door closes.

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