Sitting in the art-deco lounge of the Jean Cocteau Cinema and Coffee House, I can’t help but feel transported to another time. With the curved concessions counter that lights up in a multitude of colors and the metal doors that frame the bar, it brings back those familiar childhood feelings of excitement and wonder.


A place to see the classics (Picture source: Suzanne Kessler)

The rich history of this cinema stems back to 1976 when it was originally the Collective Fantasy Cinema. However, after it closed in 2006 and was purchased by none other than A Song of Ice and Fire creator George R. R. Martin, the feel and decor inside have maintained the same artsy small town theater vibe while adding a twist of sophistication.

The Dragon’s Den (Picture source: Morgan Petroski/Albuquerque Journal)

George has done a fantastic job creating a space for the inner (and outer) nerd in us all. Sitting in the lounge surrounded by purple walls, I look to my right and there is the most amazing collection of books for sale. They range from science fiction to mystery and even a little romance and every book has been signed by the author. The Jean Cocteau does not sell any unsigned books, but the prices remain affordable.

We can’t all have George’s library! (Picture source:

As if the single screen, 130 seat theater already seemed to good to be true, every Wednesday the Jean Cocteau hosts “Taps and Tabletops”. This is truly a haven for the board games and beer lovers. With a variety of games to play and a full bar on site, everyone who participates is in for a fun-filled night. It provides a place for anyone who is new in town to meet people and by listening to the amount of laughter flowing down the ramp, it is easy to tell that this cozy little theater is the place to be.
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From left, Dan Schwartz, Russell Miller, Marie Fair and Stephen Bohannon play Coup, a card game of bluffing, during game night at the Jean Cocteau Cinema in Santa Fe Wednesday January 13, 2016. (Eddie Moore/Albuquerque Journal)

The Jean Cocteau Cinema is far from just a theater. It is a platform for people from a multitude of art forms. From painters and photographers to actors and singers, (and even the occasional variety show), the theater hosts them all. Every month the lounge is set up with food, drinks and music ready for the newest artist to speak on their work. And all of the artwork is for sale!


Featured artist (Picture source:

Located right next to Santa Fe’s Rail Runner stop, it is a visit you won’t want to miss! The Jean Cocteau combines fun events with similarly themed films and appeals to all ages. The staff is welcoming and friendly and love to get in on the fun as well. As a regular patron of this establishment, I would recommend a visit to anyone looking for a great time in Santa Fe!

Nicole Lawe (Bar Manager) dressed up for the Westworld premier. (Picture source: The Jean Cocteau Cinema Facebook page)