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I really enjoyed this episode of Scorpion, perhaps because it deals closely with a character that I felt like I used to know really well but have recently been out of touch with — Happy Quinn. More importantly, it deals with a dynamic that I feel has been severely neglected on the show, and that’s the one between Happy and Paige. I’m really surprised actually at how little Happy and Paige interact for them being the only women. There was one fleeting episode back in season 2 (1?) that paired them together, but since then their relationship has flown under the radar. This has been particularly upsetting to me because the give and take between two characters as fundamentally different as Happy and Paige is so interesting to watch, and finally Scorpion has realized that.



I’m going to spare you the details of the case; They’re irrelevant to say the least. Basically the only thing that factors into my equation is the fact that the case left Happy and Paige stranded together in a rogue gondola 100 feet in the air. Some of the other dilemmas present in this episode were:

* Toby needs to choose between Walter, Sylvester, and Cabe to be the Best Man at his wedding, so the 3 embark on an episode-wide competition to prove to Toby each is most deserving of the title

* Paige wants to help Happy plan her wedding but Happy doesn’t want a big wedding with lots of meticulous detail

* Sylvester wants Cabe to join him in role playing a knock off of Dungeons and Dragons and Cabe isn’t interested

The Best Man competition is petty, of course, lending Paige to make a statement to Walter about she was just beginning to think he’d made some progress. I’m pretty sure Paige has made this comment every week. Actually, come to think of it, where’s the proof Walter has made any progress? He makes progress for the sake of realizing something at the end of every episode, but by the next week it’s like starting at square one.

Anyways, the main conflict is between Paige and Happy, when Paige gets angry at Happy for calling her a “cheerleader” (an apparently derogatory term), and assumes they aren’t better friends because Happy thinks Paige is too stupid to be friends with. This was a pretty big face palm moment for me in which I had to ask, “Paige, do you really think that’s the reason you and Happy aren’t super close best friends?” It was an absolutely ridiculous assumption to make. I feel like after three years of working together that it was understood they each had different strengths and weaknesses but all were valued. SPOILER ALERT — this is not what Happy was mad at. Besides this wild jump to conclusions, this all arose after Happy said she didn’t want to talk to Paige about her wedding. Paige is offended by this, despite the fact that Happy doesn’t really want to talk about her wedding with anyone. She’s (unsurprisingly) not a big wedding fan.

Skipping to the end, Paige and Happy’s lives are ultimately saved thanks to Paige being a cheerleader (of course) and the two make up with Happy explaining that she doesn’t like the idea of being a bride because she’s not used to being at the center of attention and doesn’t think she will live up to expectations. That is, of course, ridiculous. Happy, did you SEE yourself that night Toby missed the date? GIRL. YOU WERE HOT AS HELL. EVERYONE LOVES YOU. I’m pretty excited to see what Scorpion actually does with the Quintis wedding, considering Toby wants something huge and Happy doesn’t. Anyways, the pair make a pretty good team and I think the whole experience really strengthened their relationship.

The episode ends with the battle for Best Man finally coming to an end. In a surprising twist, Toby chooses not to have a “Best Man,” but rather a “Best Ma’am” and chooses Paige. This is absolutely adorable, especially when Happy jumps in exclaiming that it was totally unfair of Toby to steal Paige after they’d just made up!
Overall, I really liked this episode because it brought out a pairing we haven’t seen much of, and we can all feel the tension building as we inch closer to the Big Day.