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“Jim Moriarty. Hi.”

Jim Moriarty
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I think it’s time we take a moment (or two, or three, or four…) to appreciate the creepily beautiful character that is Jim Moriarty, the villian we all love to hate…or hate to love…or something in between.

Shocked Moriarity
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There’s so much sass in this face…even when there’s a gun pointed directly at it…?

King Moriarty
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Let’s not forget that time the king found his crown…

Tea Moriarty
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All evil plots must include tea, of course.

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Broadway solo right here. Really, it’d work. “Don’t bring around a cloud to rain on my paraaaade…”

And finally, let’s not forget this gem:

Miss Me Moriarty
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I don’t know about you, but my response (after an emotional breakdown) to this question was a definite “YESSSS!”

We’re such a healthy fandom, obsessing over certifiably insane geniuses like this, right?


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