The Flash 6x14 1

Wally’s new control over his powers. Photo taken via direct screenshot of the episode.

Please Keep In Mind That This Article Contains Potential Spoilers For “A Flash Of Lightning” and Events That Occurred Prior

Wally is back! Just in time for a mythology heavy episode. His zen studies have provided him with a new wealth of perspective, and new ways to use his powers. Wally’s departure into this zen lifestyle off camera has always felt off—something that can’t really be helped when your actor decides he randomly wants to leave the show. Even with that said though, I appreciated the show taking some time to showcase how that time has changed him. How it’s made him different to Barry as a speedster, giving him new tools to offer besides just being a second Flash. 

Wally’s arrival gave way to a much awaited reveal in regards to the speed force—it’s dying. One would think it’s because of the Bloodwork conflict, yet the show goes in a better, more inspired direction. It’s all because of The Spectre. The cost of Barry Allen playing his part to save all of reality led to the death of The Speed Force. I thought this was a great play for the writers to make, and it is a brutal consequence of having to save the entirety of existence. What I wish was done just a little better was Wally’s reaction to the whole thing. It wasn’t completely out of line, but it was just a bit too much. They could have just talked it out. Or better yet, just asked The Speed Force like Barry ended up doing.

The Flash 6x14 3

The death of the Speed Force. Photo taken via direct screenshot of the episode.

Another returning face was Cisco, who came back after having gone on expeditions around the world to discover all of the changes that Crisis brought. Disappointingly, he didn’t bring back much new information for us to savor. This isn’t a bad thing per say, but I can’t help but wish we got more teases of villains we once knew. Instead of giving that information, Cisco’s part in this episode focused on his relationship to Nash. Someone who came to him in an extreme moment of need, yet was blown off due to Cisco’s tunnel vision. While Cisco’s relationship to Nash isn’t as strongly built as previous Wells, the continued focus on it makes me happy. I think it was a great move to have Nash already taken over by Thawne—Cisco should have just listened when he had the chance. Having Thawne back in the picture is always a pleasure, and seeing everyone interact post crisis was a treat. Thawne’s absence in the entire Crisis event was a glaring omission, so it’s going to be really fun finding out just what happened to him—and how the hell he could have seemingly survived the whole ordeal. 

The entire subplot of this episode with our nobody meta and their revenge plot didn’t need to exist. It was useless, and served nobody. It was another example of the show feeling the need to include a villain of the week, when doing so tends to only hinder everything. I mean, yes it gave a reason for Wally and Barry to team up at the end. Yes, it was the reason why Cisco was back—and the vessel the story used to show Cisco obsessing over everything but his friends. But all of that could have still happened with a more meaningful foundation. I mean, Thawne’s return alone should have played into Wally and Barry having their scene together at the end.

The Flash 6x14 2

The weight of the world crashing down on Barry. Photo taken via direct screenshot of the episode.

Thankfully, that was pretty much the only complaint I had about “The Death Of The Speed Force”. The show provided a much needed heavy mythology installment, that provided quite a few really intriguing updates post crisis. Barry’s gonna have to build a new speed force, Thawne is back, and Mirror Iris has been exposed! Even with all of that, I’m still not letting go to the theory that Godspeed will play a big part going forward—even with Thawne in the picture. Also, why would Wally choose to leave again at such a critical time?



Special Note: We’ve had to resort to taking direct screenshots of the episode ourselves and/or repeated and unrelated Flash images due to the CW Network failing to provide adequate photos for proper coverage. 


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