Eric McCormack and Matt Bomer?

Eric McCormack and Matt Bomer?


Okay.  Okay.  Just had to get that out of my system first, because . . . whew!

Where There’s a Will, There’s a Bomer . . . 

Most viewers could see the situation coming a mile away!  Jack has dragged Will into a gay cafe.  Jack is trying on Will’s glasses.  They’re joking around.  They’re having a good time . . . and then Matt Bomer the TV news anchor comes waltzing in.

Bomer immediately assumes Will is the stupid one and Jack is the smart one.  This is, of course, entirely based on appearances.  Everybody just goes along with it because, hey!  Matt Bomer!

How to Get Everybody What They Want

As this show is so adept at doing, the dynamic between Will and Bomer’s character, along with Jack, is a multi-layered one.  Will wants badly to sleep with Bomer.  Jack wants badly to sleep with Bomer vicariously.  The problem is that Bomer only sleeps with idiots.

To make sure everybody ends up happy, Jack pretends the nice apartment is his and that he’s the lawyer and cook.  Will plays a ditz that he bases entirely on Jack’s mannerisms and way of flirting.

Can anybody else see the train-wreck coming here?

“You’re Not an Idiot, Jack”

In possibly one of my favorite moments from the show, Will is forced to defend Jack to Bomer.  The secret has come out.  Bomer knows everything and he’s going to leave, but not before he calls Jack an idiot.

Because of how close Will and Grace are, the friendship between Will and Jack often misses out on the limelight.  It shone here as Will forgot how badly he wanted to sleep with Bomer and came to Jack’s defense.

And in a rare moment of vulnerability on Jack’s side, Jack told Will “thank you” . . . before then hitting himself in the face with the door.

Stripper Grace

If you’d read the description of this episode, you might have had a little trouble imagining we’d end up with Grace wrapped around a stripper pole!  It was just another demonstration of the friendship that drives this show.

This time, it’s about Grace supporting Karen.  Karen has learned that her alimony is going to be very limited . . . unless she can get photos of the woman her ex-husband slept with.

Enter Minnie Driver the stripper.  The only way she’ll part with the photos is if Grace gets up on stage and does a number.  While Grace nearly throws out her back, Karen thanks Minnie Driver in a very Karen fashion: with a lap dance.

Yep, the show went there Romance;

Romance or Friendship? 

I constantly lean one way and then the other on whether this TV series’ main theme is romance or friendship.  A lot of the plot lines of the original had to do with each character trying to find love.  On the other hand, there are episodes like this, which focus entirely on what we’re willing to do for our friends . . . and what we’re not willing to let others do to them.