r 2.4.3

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Hello, and welcome back to The Resident. We are a bit behind, but charging forward this holiday weekend to catch up on the old episodes. So, let’s go ahead and dive right into the series!!! Seems Conrad and Nic are doing well, as she visits him at a local concert. Mina, Devon, and Conrad are at the concert volunteering when there is suddenly an explosion. Conrad does as any trained soldier would do and runs towards the Chaos, and not away, and comes across Nic performing CPR on a young man.

Conrad seems to be dealing with the aftermath of something going wrong with a patient, based on the board meeting, camera and lawyer looking person. The patient named Josh was the guy Nic found unconscious at the concert. He is a free diver and has several injuries he had scars for from free jumping, skiing down a volcano, and other extreme stunts. It flashes back and forth from the past to the meeting with the lawyers. Josh is clearly uncomfortable with the questioning but doesn’t speak. Flashback seems Josh developed clots in his arm. In the present time, the Lawyer wonders why he never mentioned it to his attending., which “He was stable” is Conrad’s response. During tests, they found he was bleeding to the brain, and the blood pressure was rising in his brain. The attending was 10 minutes away. It turns out because Conrad went forward and tried to remove the pressure caused him to wheelchair bound. Conrad admits he broke a rule to save a life, otherwise, Josh would be dead. Marshall is there to support his son, and after the meeting, he approaches Josh privately. He calls him out on being financially stricken. He approaches Josh with an off the record settlement and a generous check. If he doesn’t take the offer, Marshall will cause issues with the case so he never wins, only delayed for the rest of Josh’s life.

r 2.4.2

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Gordon Page, Julia’s boss at QuoVadis, is holding a party tonight and Dr. Bell will be attending with Julian. Dr. Bell is trying to be a strong CEO and hears other hospitals have an EMT lounge so they rather go there instead of Chastain. Marshall walks in, and tells Dr. Bell if he cannot get Gordon Page, he would. At the party, Gordon and Randolph end up talking privately. He is impressed Dr. Bell didn’t start with data spilling within 2 minutes, instead they talk about his family. He breaches the subject, but Gordon shuts it down, wanting to enjoy the party.

Devon has a rock star that was at the concert, who broke his leg. He claims to be sober, but his alcohol level was .04. Turns out because he drank so much, a yeast developed in his stomach carbs into alcohol. They did a surgery to remove the yeast and he sobered up just fine. Devon listens as he mentioned how he feels he let down fans because he didn’t get to play. Devon has an idea, and Dr. Bell twists it, letting Mr. Rhys play on live TV while forgiving all the patients medical treatment bills and asking other hospitals to do the same. It cost the hospital a small bit, but with the EMTs redirecting most patients elsewhere, the other hospitals will lose potential millions.

r 2.4.5

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Mina and AJ bump heads, Mina wants to help but AJ only wants her to watch. Dr. Bell decides to move her to Ortho but AJ claims her as his. Mina is upset, saying she chose her own path, os AJ lets her transfer no longer fighting to keep her on his staff. The head surgeon for Ortho is a lovely woman named Kit Voss. On Mina’s first go, she has her chiseling the bone. It’s not delicate surgery like she is used to, but I think she found an interesting teacher in Kit. AJ tries to bring her back to his OR, but Mina says she is just fine learning in Ortho for a bit. AJ approaches Kit, saying how he is worried she will ruin one of the most potential cardiothoracic surgeons, and Kit merely asks what is best for Mina.

Sorry for the shorter review- It seems like a filler episode, not really adding to the main story arch. I do like the addition of Kit, she is such an interesting character, and I feel she will cause more drama for AJ… And I absolutely love an angry AJ!! But, until then, Stay shiny, and hopefully, I will be caught up on my reviews by next week.