How does the second episode of The Gifted hold up? It’s fine for the most part. Not nearly as good as the first episode but not a misstep. There were four different inter woven plots in this episode. I thought that two out of the four were interesting and done pretty well.

Reed Strucker being interrogated and threatened made for some interesting moments. It’s a nice reverse of roles here. Reed is being threatened by someone who more or less had his job. Another subplot was Kate and Marcos going to get medical supplies for an injured Blink. This was great because it opened Kate’s eye to the prejudge of mutants and how it’s far worse than she originally thought. This was my favorite part of the episode and I think the episode would have been better if it was just those two. The third subplot was Blink being unable to control her powers and endangering the mutant hideout by opening portals at random. This was the most visually exciting part of the entire episode and we got to see some powers finally getting used.  I just thought it wasn’t handled as well as it could have been. The fourth subplot was Polaris in jail dealing with mutant hating inmates. She can’t use her powers due to a shock collar and is pretty much vulnerable without them. I like the ideas and themes they were going here but I felt that they all fell a bit flat.

While it wasn’t as good as the first episode it did keep my interest with the episode going back and forth across the four subplots. I think if the pacing of this episode was done a bit differently, I might have enjoyed it more than I did. However, the ending was the cherry on top for me. It potentially sets up the story arch for the rest of the season. I’m still riding high on this show as it seems to be building towards something big. I have a few fanboy theories what the final scene meant to implied but  we can see next week if those pan out more.